‘Un-Googley’: Sundar Pichai criticised for ‘rushed’, ‘botched’ announcement of Bard

‘Un-Googley’: Sundar Pichai criticised for ‘rushed’, ‘botched’ announcement of Bard

Bard, Google’s artificial intelligence-powered chatbot, was just released, and its debut was less than smooth. When Google’s new artificially intelligent chatbot Bard made a factual error, it was one of the company’s biggest and most costly blunders.

During a press conference in Paris, the company made yet another embarrassing mistake. A demo was cancelled because a presenter didn’t have access to a working phone. As a result of these incidents, Google staff have expressed deep dissatisfaction with the company’s management, specifically CEO Sundar Pichai.

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Something like a $100 billion blunder

Experts in the field of astrophysics pointed out a major inaccuracy in Google’s promotional video. The AI chatbot Bard misspelt the name of the telescope that took the first picture of an exoplanet in one of the promotional videos.

The company’s press conference was happening at the same time in Paris. The presenter was unable to demonstrate the new Lens feature, which was embarrassing for the search engine giant. After some time, even Google removed the clip.

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An American tech giant announced Bard earlier this month to take on ChatGPT in the LLM market. Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed the news in a blog post. Instead of restricting its training data to a single year, Bard “draws on information from the web to provide fresh, high-quality responses.” LaMDA is the Language Model for Dialogue Applications, which powers Bard.

It’s no secret that Google launched Bard as an answer to ChatGPT, another AI-powered chatbot. In the meantime, Microsoft released a revamped version of its search engine Bing that makes use of the same ChatGPT technology in an effort to improve search results.

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