On the Monday before last, a man with alleged mental health issues terrorised neighbourhoods in Brooklyn with a rented U-Haul truck, killing one and injuring eight.

Councilman Justin Brannan, along with many other local officials and prominent citizens, held a vigil Monday night for the families of the victims.

Many people’s lives have been irreparably damaged. While it’s possible that the events of a week ago were not part of a larger-scale terrorist plot, Brannan remarked that “true terror left a trail of terror through this neighbourhood that is haunting a lot of people to this day.”

His wife has reported that Mohammed Rakchi has emerged from his coma but faces a long road to recovery. She is looking after their two kids, ages three and seven. Children, in particular, have had it rough. The kids keep asking, “Where’s dad?” In what timeframe does he plan to return? Saying that hurt him badly, Tchenar said.

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“When I see that one of us is hurting, it warms my heart. Arab American Association of New York Director Marwa Janini praised the community’s outpouring of support. Accusations of murder and other offences have been filed against Weng Sor, 62.

Cultural factors contribute to the fact that we tend to keep our pain to ourselves. In particular, middle-aged and older Asian males. According to Steve Mei of the Chinese-American Planning Council, “I would really advocate and call for the city to invest in more mental health services for older adults.”

Police have identified the suspect as 62-year-old Weng Sor. Sor yelled loudly while being transported from the 68th Precinct on Tuesday night, but his words were hard to make out due to the background noise.

The NYPD did not discuss Sor’s mental health history, but they did confirm that he was not taking his medication and that he did report seeing something invisible move towards him before he went on the killing spree.

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Ye YiJie, 44, was murdered during that incident. His bike was run over by a speeding U-Haul, as captured on surveillance footage. Ye was reportedly a loving father to his three teenagers, a pair of boys and a girl. He would work late into the night and would even collect cans to help with his finances.

According to his neighbours, he was seriously hurt in a car accident again about two years ago, but he has continued to work through his recovery. “He was an excellent parent. I would occasionally visit the downstairs area, and the last time I did, he was preparing a meal for them. When I went there, I found a bunch of kids playing around, “Peter Chuc, a neighbour, said.

A lot of people escaped certain death by a hair’s breadth. Mohamed Abdelmagid can be seen in the video diving for cover. As Abdelmagid put it, “I see the car coming to hit me, and I only have one second or two seconds.” Eight people were hurt, and Mohammed Rakchi is the only one who is still in a coma.

“When I went to the hospital, I saw him in critical condition,” Nadjet Tchenar, Rakchi’s wife, said. Family lawyers say they’re starting their own probe into police actions.

“One must wonder whether or not that was a triggering event,” said attorney Derek Sells after a police cruiser drove up onto a sidewalk in a densely populated area with stores. The tactics used in Monday’s chase are still being investigated, according to NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell.

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