Virat Kohli Net Worth: An Eye On His Childhood, Career, Investments, And Much More!!

Virat Kohli Net Worth

As of 2022, Virat Kohli’s projected net worth is $127 million. When it comes to cricket, Virat Kohli is among the world’s most popular players. Kohli has been an integral part of the Indian cricket team for more than a decade.

He has an enormous following, even though he hasn’t performed as well as he used to in recent years. Virat Kohli’s net worth has skyrocketed as a result of his endorsements and huge social media following.

In one-day internationals, particularly, Kohli has racked up a slew of victories. He has earned a position among the all-time greats of the game because of his ability to deliver at pivotal moments and on the largest stages.

Childhood And Infancy

On November 5, 1988, a Delhi middle-class family welcomed Virat Kohli into the world. While his mother was a housewife, Prem Kohli was a criminal defense attorney.

Vikash Kohli, his older brother, and his older sister are both close to him. Kohli had a strong interest in cricket since he was a child. His father gave him permission to enroll in a cricket academy and follow his lifelong ambition of becoming a cricketer.

2006 was the year when Kohli made his debut for Delhi in first-class cricket. His selection as skipper of the India U-19 squad for the World Cup was a major path-breaker in his career while he was still a young performing cricketer.

After leading India to victory in the U-19 World Cup, Kohli was immediately heralded as the future of Indian cricket. Only two months had passed since his call-up to the Indian team in August of that year, for a three-match series against Sri Lanka.

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How Much Is Virat Kohli’s Net Worth?

Virat Kohli Net Worth

The world’s most wealthy cricketer, Virat Kohli, is worth $127 million (approx 950 crore Indian Rupees). He earns around ten crores a year as a brand endorser for such companies as Audi, Puma, and Wrong.

A brand endorsement from him can cost up to Rs 5 crore, making him the most followed Instagram user in Asia. Last year, his net worth was 110 million, but it has increased dramatically in the past two years (808 crores INR).

Virat Kohli is the best batsman in the world right now. Since his death, his name has been elevated to that of cricket’s most revered figure. Indian cricketer Virat Kohli assumed the captaincy of his country against Australia in the 2014 tri-nation test series.

As a result, Virat Kohli’s net worth has skyrocketed since then. In Forbes, Virat is the only Indian player to make the cut. He is also regarded as one of the most attractive men in India.

As of 2022, Virat Kohli is expected to have a net worth of 950 Crore INR. Because of the cricket wage, but not only. A few of brands have made Virat Kohli their brand ambassador. For a single paid Instagram post, Virat reportedly asks $25,000. You may be wondering how much 25 lakh rupees means to someone else.

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In 2002, Kohli was the highest run-scorer in the Polly Umrigar Trophy competition for the Delhi Under-15 team. During the 2003–04 Polly Umrigar Trophy season, he was elevated to the position of captain.

Delhi won the 2004-05 Vijay Merchant Trophy as a result of his outstanding play the following season. In 2006, he was called up to the India Under-19 squad for a trip to England.

Virat Kohli Net Worth

At the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup held in Malaysia in 2008, he guided India to victory. Royal Challengers Bangalore paid $30,000 for him on a youth contract after he impressed the Indian Premier League franchise with his performance.

Kohli was named vice-captain for the Asia Cup in Bangladesh in 2012. His 183 in the final match of the group stage against Pakistan, the best individual score against Pakistan in one-day internationals, broke the record of West Indies’ Brian Lara, who had held the mark for so long, and was the first to do so.

In 2015, his career took a slight downturn as he failed to rack up any major wins. But he quickly recovered his form and became the fastest batter in the world to reach 1,000 T20I runs during South Africa’s tour of India later that year.

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Virat Kohli’s Investments

A lot of Kohli’s investments have taken place in a wide range of industries, including technology, sports, and entertainment. An investment of 19.30 crore rupees was made by Kohli in a fashion company, Universal Sportsbiz, in 2020. (USPL).

Virat Kohli Net Worth

He has invested in a Bengaluru-based health and fitness firm with gyms in several parts of the country because he is a fitness fanatic himself. A Business Standard newspaper stated that Kohli had spent INR 90 million on the company in 2015.

Earlier this year, Kohli even collaborated with Puma to launch his own clothing line, One8. When the company first got off the ground, its primary focus was on selling athletic clothing, footwear, and other accessories.

On the other hand, one8 has recently expanded its sphere of influence to include fragrances and cafes in India. Kohli owns the One8 café or retro bar, also known as the One8 community.


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