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Virtual reality (VR) models may vary slightly from other formats, such as 3D models used in interior design or traditional animation. This is because the models must retain their visual coherence from a broad variety of camera angles, a need for any virtual reality setting.

The models must be rigged for realistic movement without requiring too much rendering time, as this is a requirement of real-time interaction. For this reason, it can be beneficial to focus your search on websites that either specialize in individuals wishing to work in a VR environment or have a particularly good variety of 3D models that operate from numerous angles.

Here, we’ll examine the best places to hunt for high-quality VR models for your projects, but before we do that, we’ll discuss the criteria we used to make our selections.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of resources for high-quality virtual reality 3D models; many of these sites come highly recommended by VR industry experts in fields as diverse as gaming and product design.

A wide variety of these sites allow you to download models for free or for a moderate fee. Some sites do offer more expensive models, though, and this is in part owing to the high quality of the models and the supplementary services that come with them. So, there’s enough variety here for both amateurs and experts.

Here’s how We Narrowed Down the List:

  • All the sites offer either a huge variety of models or a more manageable number of high-quality models (or they share both attributes).
  • The sites are all user-friendly in that they are simple to understand and use, and they allow you to filter your results by category or keyword.
  • These websites have received high marks from both seasoned virtual reality experts and curious newcomers.

1. Sketchfab


A large number of high-quality virtual reality (VR) 3D models may be found and purchased on the website Sketchfab. The site also functions as a general marketplace for models, since users can sell their creations to other people.

Users can narrow their search for 3D models on Sketchfab by browsing the site’s many specialized categories, which include not only broad subject areas (such as “Animals & Pets” or “Food & Drink”) but also subcategories (such as “PBR,” “low poly,” and “high poly”). It is possible to further refine your search by specifying the file extensions you’re interested in.

Price-wise, there’s a wide variance between the cheapest and most expensive versions available here. You’ll find that the VR community endorses Sketchfab for good reason.

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2. Open3dModel


Users can get downloadable Blender 3D models through the Open3D Model, which can subsequently be used in virtual reality (VR) production. Because each model is available at no cost, entire worlds can be created at no out-of-pocket expense with this website.

It’s simple to find what you’re looking for on the site’s many models. There is a lot of advertising on Open3dModel, but they don’t interfere too much with downloads, and they’re a fair tradeoff given the availability of free resources. This website is a treasure trove of VR-ready models and backgrounds for individuals who wish to create a virtual reality with Blender.

3. Hum3D


Visit Hum3D if you’re in need of automobiles for your next virtual reality creation. All kinds of people can find what they need in Hum3D’s high-quality 3D models, which come in a wide variety of file formats.

Hum3D boasts one of the greatest collections of 3D car models available. They also provide paid model tweaks (available per piece, specified in the piece descriptions). In particular, the site’s abundance of VR/AR-specific models, created for usage in real-time VR, will be of great interest to VR designers.

As an alternative to paying full price, you can choose from a few free models; however, these do not come in as many file formats as the paid designs do, nor do they qualify for any of the offered discounts.

4. TurboSquid


You’ve probably heard of TurboSquid if you’ve done any work with 3D models, and it deserves a spot on this list since it’s a great place to find models for virtual reality projects.

Use the site’s powerful search features to hone in on precisely the kind of model, pricing range, file format, quality, poly count, and other specifications you need. TurboSquid is proud of its reliable customer service and assurances of satisfaction with all model purchases.

TurboSquid has a lot of great stuff, but one of the best features is the availability of VR-ready models.

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5. Gelato VFX


The Gelato VFX Scan Store provides an exquisitely accurate collection of specific types of 3D models, mainly food and fabric, to people who are in the market for them. You’ll notice that the pricing is in pounds because this store is located in the United Kingdom.

The site’s models are fairly priced and of high quality; if you contact Gelato VFX, they can make modifications or additions just for you.

Due to their high level of detail, these models are a great choice for Virtual Reality (VR) projects, and the company’s other VR offerings are also interesting to peruse.


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