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Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka appear in The Good Doctor Season 5, Episode 9. What evidence do Shaun and others have that Salen is a danger to the hospital?

Many others are of the opinion that Salen is a bad influence on the health care system and the patients it serves. Cutbacks in medical care are resulting in the deaths of patients. As a result, what will happen to her in the event that she undergoes a high-profile surgery? As a matter of fact, she’d be delighted if that one happened.

Andrews is keen to learn more. The high risks of the surgery don’t bother him; he just wants to impress Salen. He sees himself as a force for good in the life of a young girl. No one seems to be able to stop him from going through with his latest brown-nosing escapades.

The Good Doctor Season 5, Episode 9 Guest Star

Over the years, we’ve had some fantastic guest stars on the show. Aly and AJ Michalka, a singing duo, are the latest. It’s a must-see for iZombie and The Goldbergs fans, too.

AJ portrays a young singer whose voice has been affected by some sort of injury. She is willing to put her life at risk in order to regain her ability to speak. Shaun, on the other hand, is apprehensive about Andrews agreeing to this. A voice isn’t worth dying for, he argues.

Of course, there are going to be some issues with the surgery. As long as he’s willing to point the finger at others, Shaun is right. Whatever goes wrong, Andrews is responsible for it. Is this going to make him see that Salen isn’t someone he wants to be friends with?

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 9 Release Date

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 9: “Yippee Ki-Yay” Preview

In the ninth episode of season five of ABC’s The Good Doctor, Aly and AJ Michalka play a former pop duo. ‘Yippee Ki-Yay’ will premiere on Monday, March 7, 2022, at 10 pm ET/PT, directed by Dinh Thai and written by David Hoselton and Adam Scott Weissman.

Freddie Highmore plays Dr. Shaun Murphy, Antonia Thomas plays Dr. Claire Browne, Hill Harper plays Dr. Marcus Andrews, and Richard Schiff plays Dr. Aaron Glassman in season five. Dr. Audrey Lim is played by Christina Chang, Dr. Morgan Reznick by Fiona Gubelmann, Dr. Alex Park by Will Yun Lee, and Lea Dilallo by Paige Spara.

Salen Morrison is played by Rachel Bay Jones, while Joe is played by David Marciano and Cody by Mathew Horner.

“Yippee Ki-Yay” Plot

“Yippee Ki-Yay” Plot

Salen (Jones) is pleased with the high-profile case that Andrews takes on, so the detective assigns Shaun and Allen a risky surgery to help the pop star’s voice be restored. Cody (Horner), 17, is wheelchair-bound due to Kabuki Syndrome-related complications, and Reznick and Park treat the father of Cody (Horner).

The Good Doctor Season 5, Episode 9 Promo and Synopsis

A high-profile case is assigned to Andrews, who asks Shaun and Allen to assist in a risky surgery intended to restore a famous pop singer’s voice in order to please Salen (Rachel Bay Jones). To add to their list of patients, Reznick and Park attend to a man whose son, Cody (Matthew Horner), 17, has been forced to use a wheelchair because of complications related to Kabuki Syndrome.

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