Web design trends that are already hitting the scene this year

Web design trends that are already hitting the scene this year

There is no denying that as a business owner, you want to make your branded website unique and visually stunning so that people spend more time scrolling and staying on it. Web design is a topical theme because it complements an effective and profitable marketing strategy and results in more people visiting your web page, even if they don’t plan to make a purchase, not at the given moment at least. In this article, we’ll look at a few top-notch web design trends that will revolutionize your website and make it a game-changing factor in people’s purchasing journeys.


Overarching minimalism

What we like about full-scale minimalism is that it will always be voguish. Many lean toward minimalism and like this simplicity that allows people to enjoy what’s being sold. Whatever product or service you render, diving into minimalism can be your go-to if you want to secure good web page performance and customer experience.

Grid lines

Grid lines are the product of futurism, which emphasizes the page’s long-term goals. The cool thing about grid lines is that they make the content highly readable, placing them primarily on one page. So people won’t need to scroll numerous pages to find the info they’re interested in the most. For example, grid lines are fantastic when encapsulating information about your brand, vision, and philosophy.



From overly complex to simple, animations have recently barged into the web design scene, and we see why. Branding the page is the thing that should not get overlooked, as it is pivotal in paving the way to becoming a well-recognized company on the market. Thanks to animated illustrations, companies assign that uniqueness to their pages and attune to customers’ visual preferences. Worry not if you have neither the prowess nor the budget to develop A-level animations. An animation maker by vista will help you with this undertaking, providing you with the necessary tools to design something exclusive. You can also use any template from the list. So, if you want to add animation to photo? Go here and check the VistaCreate tool.

Broken grids

Grids again, we know. But you see, you can build something engaging by creatively approaching the concept of grids. For instance, broken grids have been pretty trendy lately because they are attention-grabbing. While they are not conceptually pioneers in the design industry, broken and intersecting grids influence our cognitive abilities and make us look at them more carefully.

Conjoining images and text

The same with overlapping images and text. Is it something trailblazing to overlay the text and image? It is not. But does it spark attention? It sure does! Besides, you don’t need several tools to create such elements. They also don’t overload the website, thus allowing it to work swiftly and smoothly.


The mix of vertical and horizontal text

Mixing vertical and horizontal text is both simple and non-conventional. While not entirely new, a few brands have been using this concept, and they all agree on one thought: If they could use the concept sooner, they would do that indisputably. The reason for saying that? Deviating from a standard text pattern calls for looking at it more cautiously, even if it doesn’t include any insights. You don’t necessarily need to turn letters upside down or write words from right to left to spark people’s curiosity, but maybe it’s worth trying, or is it?


Doubling down on words can sometimes work wonders. This minimalist method focuses on text-based content only. While contrasting with other approaches, it is equally effective in specific circumstances and layouts relevant to the company. When you are a well-established brand in the niche, a few words can do much more than a complex, multilayered website design.

Monochromatic gradients

Monochromatic gradients aren’t experimental and have been widely used for several years. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t trendy anymore—quite the opposite. Companies often choose unique monochromatic colors and place them in the background to let people stay concentrated on the content. Experts state that such gradients and well-selected typography are among the best ways to make a branded website look professional on a budget.


Assume you want to create something outstanding and straightforward but don’t want to go entirely minimalistic. In that case, brutalism is your best option! Using brutalist strategies, you will combine different styles and elements to make your page stand out. Brutalism will give your website a new look, that’s for sure.

High-quality GIFs or videos

By far, 2022 has been very productive in motion pictures, and you can’t be late to the party. No, you don’t have to add significant, heavy-in-size videos to your page to be distinct. After all, doing that will slow down your page tremendously. Creating something smaller, like a mini GIF, and putting it in the right place will suffice.


Just like people like modern things, they do like retro stuff. Whether retro typography or media placed on the page, it will always find its fans and improve your brand. You can combine retro elements with different shapes. For instance, try to adopt the broken grid technique or overlap text with retro images.

Bottom Line

With all that, remember that these trendy web design approaches do not guarantee instant success. Choosing the strategy involves many steps, such as analyzing your niche, audience, and competitors. Still, keep a close eye on these trends, and don’t hesitate to incorporate them when designing your web page.


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