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What Happens To Henry In You

Season 3 of You is now available on Netflix, and it’s undoubtedly one of the finest Netflix series of October 2021. People are raving over the third season and dissecting everything that happened, from character deaths to the startling season finale. If Henry dies in the third season, this is a question that some fans may be interested in knowing the solution to.

If you’ve seen the complete third season, you’ll know what happened to him. We don’t mind, though, answering this hot question. Not every character survives to the conclusion of the season, and fans are eager to see if Henry was one of the lucky ones.

In season three of You, who is Henry?

What Happens To Henry In You

If you’re unfamiliar with Henry, he’s the son of Joe and Love. When he is born in episode 1 of season 3, we meet him for the first time. Joe had hoped Love would give birth to a girl, but she gives birth to a boy, which causes Joe to panic. Henry Forty Quinn-Goldberg is the name given to the infant by Love.

Joe was adamant about not having a boy because he feared his child would end up looking like him. This is why Joe has a hard time bonding with Henry at first.

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In “You,” what happens to Henry?

Joe and Love’s newborn son Henry’s life hangs by a thread for the most unexpected of reasons, despite all the danger and bloodshed they face. As it turns out, the small youngster has been diagnosed with measles, and his condition is rapidly deteriorating as his fever persists.

Joe, who is usually cool and collected in life-threatening situations, is numb and unable to move as he fears for his child’s life. This sensitive version of our beloved serial murderer shows us a side of Joe that we haven’t seen before.

To make matters worse, when spying in his neighbor Matthew’s house, the father appears to have gotten the sickness from his kid and begins to feel faint. In the midst of his illness, Joe receives word that Henry has recovered and that the child has been saved.

The story does not end there, as it is discovered that Henry became ill as a result of his lack of vaccination. The individual who circulated the anti-vaccination propaganda that led to the overlook ends up in Joe’s iconic glass vault, and is likely one of the only people Joe and Love wish to kill. The man, however, hangs himself, providing the murderer pair with a plausible alibi for Natalie’s murder.

What Happens To Henry In You

Unfortunately, young Henry’s struggles do not end there, as Joe is separated from his wife and child at the end of season 3. Joe has always planned to run away with his son and start a new life together, even though running away from Love has been in his thoughts since season 2.

Joe is unable to take his son with him due to the hasty getaway he must make after faking his own death. Dante, a former library coworker, and Joe’s friend, eventually adopt Henry.

Because our hero has continually blamed his parents for being uncaring, this is a very difficult conclusion for him. Joe was repeatedly abandoned by his mother, as well as his beloved nurse from the foster home, in flashbacks in Season 3.

As a result, Joe is heartbroken to abandon Henry and swears to return for him. He also leaves a letter for his son, which he refuses to discuss in front of the crowd.

Henry survives the ordeal and is now being raised in a happy environment with Dante and his husband. It remains to be known whether the young youngster will ever be reunited with his father or hear the truth about his crimes.

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The following are the members of the third season of You’s cast:

What Happens To Henry In You

  • Joe Goldberg is played by Penn Badgley.
  • Love Quinn-Goldberg is played by Victoria Pedretti.
  • Dottie Quinn is played by Saffron Burrows.
  • Marienne Bellamy is played by Tati Gabrielle.
  • Natalie Engler is played by Michaela McManus.
  • Matthew Engler is played by Scott Speedman.
  • Theo Engler is played by Dylan Arnold.
  • Sherry Conrad is played by Shalita Grant.
  • Cary Conrad is played by Travis Van Winkle.
  • Ryan Goodwin is played by Scott Michael Foster.
  • Dante Ferguson is played by Ben Mehl.


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