What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?



You’ve probably been hearing the term “Internet of Things” more and more often these days. And you’ve probably been wondering what this exactly means. With CES 2017 now behind us and with a plethora of gadgets and smart devices to pore over, we think it’s necessary to really break down the whole concept of the Internet of Things (IoT).


For businesses and anyone who uses the internet, the pace of connectivity has been astounding. Every day we engage with people and devices through the internet medium. Our constant need to have access to information and to simplify everyday tasks has led us to this point. More and more people now have access to the internet, thereby increasing the number of “connected” individuals. Add in gadgets and devices and you have a continuous transfer of information taking place.


At CES 2017 we saw everything from smart cars, smart homes, smart hairbrushes and other over the top devices that connect to the internet. Basically, the IoT is the connecting of any device to the internet and to other devices. This can apply to virtually any device that has the ability to connect to the internet.

Imagine this: your smartphone alarm goes off and immediately, your shower turns on and proceeds to heat the water to the optimal temperature for you. All this even before you get out of bed! Seems like an arbitrary application but if you could have this, wouldn’t you use it? Our constant need to simplify, streamline and connect has fuelled a revolution of sorts. Against this backdrop the IoT opens up many opportunities but also brings with it a huge risk.


We’re all well aware of the rise in malware incidents and various other information security risks. Likewise, the IoT represents a huge opportunity but with significant security risks. What if someone hacks into your smart car and proceeds to direct wherever they please? What about your smart home? And how would this compromise your personal information and personal network? These are credible risks companies have to consider.


Here at GadgetGrapevine.com, we’re all for smart devices but we also believe that keeping security at the back of our thoughts is necessary. Smart technology is really here to simplify our lives and with the widespread adoption of the internet, it will only grow faster. As with anything new, the risks are plentiful but all this means is that companies need to be proactive. Let’s see what the rest of the year holds for the Internet of Things.


Indrasen Moodley

Indrasen Moodley is an academic and tech enthusiast. He is passionate about all things tech, especially the use of technology to enhance teaching and our understanding of the world around us.