WhatsApp Testing New Edit Button Feature, Could Launch It Soon!

WhatsApp testing New Edit Button Feature, Could Launch it Soon

The edit button is one of the features WhatsApp is currently developing. Many users may be surprised to learn this. The developers continue to add new features to the platform to make it engaging.

Recent additions to WhatsApp beta allow users to arrange messages by date and conceal their online status. Now, according to a report from WABetaInfo, the messaging platform may soon permit users to alter transmitted messages.

It is quite likely that WhatsApp will add an ‘edited’ label to the message, so the recipient is aware that the message has been modified. If you are using an older version of the messaging platform, you can update the app to get an amended version of a message sent from a recipient’s linked device.

WhatsApp testing New Edit Button Feature, Could Launch it Soon

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What App Is Developing a Brand-New Edit Button?

The ability to alter sent messages is still in development, according to the sources. As part of the WhatsApp beta for Android upgrade, the functionality to modify messages is now unavailable to beta testers.

The study does not disclose how this functionality may function. However, WhatsApp may be intending to implement this feature to allow users to remedy errors. Currently, individuals are only able to remove and rewrite messages in the event of an error. However, the app displays a “this message was erased” label, which negates the purpose of having this option.

Users Will Receive the Feature in The Following Weeks.

The new edit option for messages has been detected in beta version of WhatsApp for Android. Similar functionality is anticipated to be added to the iOS beta version in the near future.

Similar to WhatsApp, Twitter is now testing the edit button feature in some regions. The company has announced that users will only have five opportunities to edit a tweet, which should be sufficient for the majority of users to remedy problems.

In addition, Twitter announced that changed tweets will include an emblem, timestamp, and label to make it easier for users to determine if the original tweet has been edited. WhatsApp may provide a similar function.

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