Who Is Ghostemane Dating In 2022 – Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Who Is Ghostemane Dating

Rapper and singer-songwriter Eric Whitney, better known by his stage name Ghostemane, is from the United States. He was Poppy’s fiance and a previous friend.

Typically, there are lots of relationship rumors about well-known celebrities. You can find out if Ghostemane is dating someone on this page. We’ll also look at his ex-girlfriends, dating rumors, and more.

Biography of Ghostemane

In Lake Worth, Florida, on a Monday, April 15, 1991, Ghostemane was conceived. His current age is 31, and his birth name is Ghostemane. Aries is the sign of the astrological sign for people born on April 15. Goat is his animal of the year.

Who Is Ghostemane Dating

At the age of 14, he made his debut in the music business by playing guitar covers of well-known performers. He later switched to metalcore music.

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Connection to Poppy

On August 24th, 2019, Poppy and Ghostemane had a chance encounter at the Reading Leeds Festival in Leeds, United Kingdom. On the same day, they both played on the same stage.

Poppy and Ghostemane frequently shared photos of one another on their Instagram stories in November 2019. Ghostemane shared a photo of him and Poppy holding hands on November 27, 2019. He revealed that he and Poppy were dating through Instagram direct messages to several of her admirers on December 3rd, 2019.

On their Instagram stories, they frequently shared photos of their interactions.

He has appeared in two of Poppy’s YouTube videos. He first appears in the song “DIY Magazine Look with Poppy,” albeit his face is obscured in a photo from the DIY Magazine photoshoot that is seen in the video. Later, he made an appearance as a guest star in “My Fiancé Does My Makeup,” when he gave Poppy one of his favorite tour makeup looks.

Who Is Ghostemane Dating

Later, Poppy would act as the creative director for “Fed Up” and direct the music videos for Ghostemane’s 2020 songs “Lazaretto” and “Hydrochloride.”

He is credited under his noise side project GASM on Poppy’s song “Scream” from her noise album Music to Scream To, and he would subsequently co-produced three tracks on her EP A Very Poppy Christmas. On Ghostemane’s album ANTI-first ICON’s track, “Intro. Destitute,” Poppy also provided vocals.

They moved into a New England home together in December 2020.

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After dating Poppy for nine months, Ghostemane proposed to her on July 8th, 2020 while they were on a road trip. Prior to this, there was widespread fan speculation that the couple was engaged after Poppy shared an Instagram story photo of an unusual ring on her ring finger.

The following day, Poppy announced on Twitter that she and Ghostemane were engaged. Poppy disclosed that there would be no mention of religion during the wedding in an interview with Alternative Press.


Who Is Ghostemane Dating

Poppy private “My Fiancé Does My Makeup” on November 27, 2021, and both of them unfollowed one another on Instagram, which sparked widespread rumors that they had split up among their followers.

Later, Poppy was seen on her Instagram stories without her engagement ring. A photo of Ghostemane and American model Skye Fires holding hands was uploaded online on December 26th, 2021. After that, Ghostemane posted the following message on his official Discord server on December 30, 2021:

“I find it funny that “fans” believe I would choose anything other than what is best for my wellbeing. In order for the individuals who love my relationship so terribly much to be happy while I’m treated like dog shit, I left a dog shit relationship where I was being treated like dog shit.

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You are a moron and a disgrace to the community if you have spoken anything on this subject other than anything positive. You are a simpleton if you have anything unpleasant to say about any decision I make; your viewpoint won’t be taken into consideration or given any consideration at all.

I appreciate the community is made up primarily of individuals like you and would like to extend my gratitude to everyone else and the majority of those who continue to be supportive.”

Skye Fires became pregnant in July 2022, and Ghostenane and Fires both confirmed that the baby girl they are expecting is due in December 2022.


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