Who Is Rand Casimiro In Better Call Saul Season 6? Take A Look At Jimmy & Kim’s Casimiro Plan!!

Who Is Rand Casimiro In Better Call Saul Season 6

Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler have been carefully setting the groundwork for their strategy to settle the ongoing Sandpiper lawsuit during Season 6 of Better Call Saul.

The two had been attempting to undermine Howard Hamlin, and in episode 6 they focused on a newcomer, Rand Casimiro.

However, some Better Call Saul fans are left wondering who Casimiro is in the big scheme of things and whether or not we’ve ever seen him before.

In Better Call Saul, who is Rand Casimiro?

Rand Casimiro, a former Santa Fe judge, has been appointed as the mediator in the Sandpiper Crossing class-action lawsuit.

Casimiro is a new character in Better Call Saul, and Kim first heard about his role in the Sandpiper case after her conversation with her old Schweikart & Cokely colleague Viola Goto in episode 5, and she later saw a picture of him in the Bar Journal.

Jimmy is shown in episode 6 constructing a Casimiro doppelganger to appear in some damning staged images, agonising over the form of his signature moustache.

Who is Rand Casimiro in Better Call Saul?

However, in the episode’s last seconds, Jimmy runs into the actual Casimiro at a wine store and realises that their scheme has hit a snag.

Casimiro just fractured his arm, which is currently in a cast, rendering their posed images absolutely worthless.

Jimmy offers to Kim that they put their plan on hold and try again later, but Kim, who is meant to be on her way to Santa Fe for a crucial job chance, isn’t having it and turns around and returns to Albuquerque.

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What are Kim and Jimmy’s intentions?

Jimmy and Kim’s strategy to smear Howard Hamlin reaches a climax with Rand Casimiro and an illegal substance.

When Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) pushed his now-wife Kim (Rhea Seehorn) to join him in his illicit activities, he may have overestimated her hunger for the crime.

The season 5 finale of Better Call Saul ended with Kim recommending they frame Howard Hamlin for “something terrible,” and they’ve been putting their grim plans into action throughout season 6.

Who is Rand Casimiro in Better Call Saul?

Jimmy and Kim’s ultimate objective is to persuade prominent members of Albuquerque’s legal community that Howard is an untrustworthy and inept drug addict, not merely an unlikable lawyer who is really fairly excellent at his work.

If Howard is discredited, the lucrative Sandpiper case that he’s been negotiating will be settled quickly, giving Jimmy and Kim $2 million that they would otherwise have to wait for. Getting Sandpiper’s victims their money faster, in Kim’s opinion, is also the right thing to do…

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Jim and Kim’s Better Call Saul season 6 conspiracy began with Jim and Kim placing pills in Howard’s golf locker.

In step 2, Howard was falsely accused, and in phase 3, a sex worker was thrown from Howard’s racing automobile as an important colleague sat nearby. Howard Hamlin appears to be heading towards the universe of melancholy in Phase 4.

Why did Jimmy hire an impersonator to play Rand Casimiro?

Kim and Jimmy hear via Kim’s aforementioned coffee rendezvous with Viola that the mediator for Sandpiper’s mediation session will be a retired judge named Rand Casimiro.

Who Is Rand Casimiro In Better Call Saul Season 6?

Because of their objectivity and competence in the area, retired judges are frequently hired as mediators in class-action civil litigation.

Jimmy has reunited with his college film crew mates – Joey the director, beret-wearing make-up girl, and mostly-silent sound man – in Better Call Saul season 6’s “Axe & Grind.”

They’ve also recruited an amateur actor who resembles Casimiro but wears a false moustache to make him appear more like Sandpiper’s mediator.

The film team arranged still black-and-white images outside the Saul Goodman office, all displaying “Casimiro” presenting something to Jimmy, as revealed in the episode’s dramatic ending sequence.

The aim of these images is the most difficult part of Jimmy and Kim’s phase 4 to figure out. Our best estimate is that Jimmy charges the mediator with either compromised interests or blatant misconduct in the Sandpiper case because a neutral person shouldn’t be associated with the lawyer who filed the complaint (i.e. Jimmy).

Cliff Main would have no choice but to settle Sandpiper on the spot if the case had no mediator and a high-flying lead lawyer.


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