Who Is The Husband Of Matt Bomer? Overview Of Simon Halls!

Who Is the Husband of Matt Bomer? Overview of Simon Halls

Simon Halls, one of Hollywood’s most prominent publicists, may have been accustomed to drawing attention to his celebrity clients, but he probably didn’t anticipate attracting Matt Bomer’s personal interest.

When the White Collar actor recruited Halls to be his publicist, they first got to know one another. They clicked right away, and soon after, they began dating. Bomer had to find a new publicist, but he also met a companion via the process who would later become his spouse in 2011.

Bomer may have a better famous face, but Halls has had a successful career leading numerous effective PR efforts, including that for the 2001 global smash Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and the Academy Award-winning movie American Beauty.

Halls, despite his fame in Hollywood, is a very private individual. He doesn’t use social media much, and he only sometimes makes news. In actuality, he and Bomer didn’t admit to getting married until three years later. Additionally, the couple has kept their three boys out of the public eye.

So who is the spouse of Matt Bomer? The following information about Simon Halls and his relationship with the actor is provided.

Since 2011, he has been married to Bomer.

Who Is the Husband of Matt Bomer? Overview of Simon Halls

Bomer and Halls have been married since 2011 when they exchanged vows in front of only their “nearest and dearest.” However, the couple didn’t make their union known to the world until Bomer did so in a Details magazine article in 2014.

Bomer and Halls take inspiration from his grandparents’ union as they grow their love “one day at a time.” “[My grandparents] recently celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary; therefore, I constantly look to them and see how they display their love for one another on a daily basis, and I want to imitate them. They’ve provided me with a fairly excellent example to follow,” he remarked.

He works as a publicist in Hollywood.

Who Is the Husband of Matt Bomer? Overview of Simon Halls

For some of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars, Halls has decades of experience managing their publicity. Halls relocated to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California after growing up in Toronto, Canada.

He relocated to Russia to serve as the public relations manager for the nation’s first McDonald’s after a brief post-college job at Warner Brothers. He established the specialized Hollywood agency Huvane Baum Halls in 1995 after his return to the country. In 2000, he sold the company to the Interpublic Group, which later amalgamated with the dominant player in the sector, PMK.

Halls managed the Oscar campaigns for movies including 2005’s Brokeback Mountain and Gladiator, which won the best picture in 2000. Halls served as CEO of the newly established PMK/HBH.

He has occasionally appeared on Bomer’s Instagram.

Who Is the Husband of Matt Bomer? Overview of Simon Halls

Social media posts regarding the couple are rare, but Halls has occasionally appeared on Matt Bomer’s Instagram. Over the years, the actor has periodically shared pictures of the couple, including one shot during a vacation to Italy and a holiday picture of the couple with their sons.

At the time Bomer made his Instagram debut in 2017, Halls also worked as his husband’s personal photographer. The star uploaded his very first picture and wrote, “Hello Instagram. courtesy of Simon Halls for the photo

Bomer and he have three boys.

Who Is the Husband of Matt Bomer? Overview of Simon Halls

Kit, born in 2005, and the twin’s Henry and Walker, born in 2008, are the couple’s three boys. The couple’s main priority is to encourage their sons’ creativity.

Halls stated, “[We] visit art galleries and read art literature.” We have a tonne of art and photography books.

Bomer and Halls are pleased to support their kids’ creative endeavors, but they aren’t trying to make them famous. The American Horror Story actor declared, “I don’t want anyone going out on stage anytime soon.” “I want them to grow up in a nice, regular environment.”

The sex scenes starring Bomer don’t concern him.

Who Is the Husband of Matt Bomer? Overview of Simon Halls

For his topless dancing in Magic Mike XXL and his sex scenes with Lady Gaga in American Horror Story: Hotel, Bomer garnered a lot of media attention. Bomer claims that Halls does not harbor resentment toward his husband’s private moments.

According to Bomer, “I’ve worked on a lot of that kind of scene over the years in one way or another, so I believe we’re all pretty much sort of anesthetized to that.” It’s a requirement of my employment. The character’s reality, identity, and circumstances are affected by it. When you arrive, you act in that way. When you’re an actor, some days are simply like any other.

He and Bomer live with their sons in a “dynamic household.”

Who Is the Husband of Matt Bomer? Overview of Simon Halls

Bomer and Halls have had to stay alert while raising three boys. With their active sons, Bomer previously claimed that they enjoy a “very kinetic household.”

He said that the family enjoys doing “outside, energetic activities” to amuse their children. “They’re up and at ’em at 6 in the morning and running around, and we’re chasing them around,” he said.

While a female would definitely “moderate some of the boys’ rowdiness in a way,” according to Bomer, he wouldn’t change a thing in terms of his and Halls’ family.

But we’re so happy and fortunate to have the children we do, so I can’t sit here and whine or think, “What if,” he said.

On Bomer’s birthday, he gave him a puppy as a gift.

Who Is the Husband of Matt Bomer? Overview of Simon Halls

Simon Halls surprised Bomer with a new dog, who they called Stella, in honor of his milestone 40th birthday.

“Simon and the boys brought me this little joy for my birthday. Knowing that three kids, a different dog, and a cat weren’t.


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