Windows 11 22 H2 Has FPS Decreases, BSOD, Stopped Installations, and Other Faults

Windows 11 22 H2 Has FPS Decreases, BSOD, Stopped Installations, and Other Faults.

Although Windows 11 22H2 is more reliable than earlier versions, some customers are having major problems with it, including installation troubles.

Reports claim that Nvidia graphics are to blame for the periodic frame rate reductions seen by some Windows 11 users. In some instances, there are also reports of other issues and Blue Screen of Death faults.

Because the stuttering stops after they uninstall the feature update, users who are experiencing the problem think Windows 11 22H2 is to blame. The stuttering FPS occurs at random moments and lasts for a few seconds, according to numerous reports on Reddit, in our comments section, and on Microsoft’s own Feedback Hub.

Windows 11 22 H2 Has FPS Decreases, BSOD, Stopped Installations, and Other Faults.

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In rare circumstances, audio is also impacted along with a persistently low FPS. When the frame rate unexpectedly decreases just as you’re about to win an online game or at a key time, it can be quite frustrating. Games like Call of Duty and others are affected.

The Windows Insider Program evaluated the feature update before it was made accessible to everyone, which makes the performance concerns with version 22H2 of Windows 11 all the more noteworthy. Additionally, according to several posts on Reddit, users had reported these issues earlier this year.

However, it appears that Microsoft overlooked those reports or disregarded them because the update was still made available.

Nvidia is reportedly looking into the reports, and the company has contacted the impacted users for more information. It’s hoped that Nvidia and Microsoft are cooperating to try and resolve this problem, so it’s expected that a suitable cure will be made available soon, perhaps via a GeForce drivers update.

Additionally, there may be a way to fix the performance problems. It is claimed that in some circumstances, the issue can be resolved by disabling the “Nvidia FrameView SDK” service. Follow these procedures to stop the FrameView SDK service:

Windows 11 22 H2 Has FPS Decreases, BSOD, Stopped Installations, and Other Faults.

  1. Activate Windows Search.
  2. Look up “Services.”
  3. The list of active processes can be filtered by pressing the ‘N’ key on the keyboard.
  4. Make sure the Nvidia FrameView SDK service is not active by finding it.
  5. Reboot.

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Some folks may experience stuttering after disabling the “variable refresh rate and optimizations for windowed games.”

If you already have the Windows 11 2022 Update installed and the bugs aren’t seriously interfering with your ability to play games, you can wait for the hotfix, which is anticipated in a few weeks.

Some PCs Have the Blue Screen of the Death Problem.

Users are occasionally encountering a Blue Screen of Death problem.

“While installing the update, I experienced a BSOD (IRQL not less or equal), which occurred after around 50% of upgrading. I had to hard shut down my computer because the BSOD was locked at 100%, one of the afflicted individuals said.

You may always resolve the problem by entering Settings and selecting the Recovery menu, then deleting the feature update.

It should go without saying that this is a fairly humiliating situation for Microsoft, especially given that the FPS problem should have been discovered prior to the release of the Windows 11 2022 Update to the general public.


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