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Windows 11 coming with an bunch of new features in February 2022: Microsoft Announced

Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Windows chief, announced today that some new features will be available to Windows 11 users in February. The head of Microsoft’s Windows and hardware sections posted an article willing to look at the current condition of Windows 11, as well as looking to the future, beginning with Android apps.

However, the terminology surrounding Android apps can be a little tricky. The following is an excerpt from Panay’s blog post.

A community preview of how you might use Android apps on Windows 11 will be made available through all the Microsoft Store and our collaborations with Amazon and Intel next month.”

Windows 11 Upcoming Features in Feb 2022

Its is strange because Windows 11 previews of Android apps are already available. Installing the Amazon Appstore and Windows Sub – systems for Android is possible if you’re a Windows Insider Beta or Dev member. Even non-Insider PCs can perform this function with a little tinkering. Most likely, this means that Windows 11 users will be able to download and use Android apps, but that the Windows Subsystem for Android will still be considered a preview and require manual installation. According to this, we don’t know when this will become a “stable” feature from Microsoft.

Windows 11 Usage is Double Now to 16.1 percent in January 2022

We’ve been using Android apps on Windows 11 for three months now, and Rich Woods noted that not much has changed. Maybe Microsoft has plans to improve performance in the future. As soon as we hear back from Microsoft, we’ll update this article.

Microsoft also announced a few additional features that Windows Insiders have also been able to test out for some time now. For those using Microsoft Teams at work, you’ll only see this new mic-mute icon in the taskbar, which was first introduced with Windows 11 build 22494. In addition to the ability to share a window from the taskbar, that either debuted in build 22499, another Teams-only feature is now available.

New Notepad and Media Player apps would also be released in the coming months. Additionally, the Discover and Replace tools have been given a makeover in the new Notepad app, which features a more modern interface and continues to support dark mode during the first time. Groove Music and Movies & TV have been retired in favour of the new Media Player app, which will serve as the primary hub for all audio and video playback in Windows 11.

Oxygen OS is likely rebranded as H2OOS

As a final touch, Microsoft is also introducing a new Widgets panel on the taskbar that will display the current weather. A similar system was implemented to Windows 10 the year before last, resembling the Reports and Interests feature.

The Windows 11 New update Tuesday updates in February are likely to include these new features, but Microsoft hasn’t announced when they’ll be available. Knowing the answer to this question should not take too long.

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