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Windows 11 Usage Share is double now to 16.1% in January 2022: says AdDuplex

Microsoft’s latest desktop operating system, Windows 11, has been steadily adopted since its release to the public at the end of last year. Microsoft, on the other hand, recently stated that Windows 11 deployment has been much faster than expected. AdDuplex, an advertising framework company, recently released a report showing that Windows 11 usage has increased from 8.6 percent in November 2021 to 16.1 percent in the most recent months.

Windows 11 usage share is now over 16%

Before we continue, a brief introduction to AdDuplex is in order. For apps described on the Microsoft Store, it serves as an advertising framework provider. According to a report published in November 2021, only 8.6 percent of the company’s total consumers were running On windows 11. The number of people using Windows 11 has doubled in the last few months, according to AdDuplex’s most recent January report.

Windows 11 usage share is now double over 16%
source: XDA-Developers

AdDuplex reports are based on information gathered from 60,000 computers running apps endorsed by the AdDuplex SDK v.2, that is a small sample size, to be sure, but it’s still worth mentioning. Furthermore, Microsoft’s advertising framework can only operate on Windows 10 and 11 versions, so the percentage shares are only comparable to other Windows 10 and 11 versions. So, the report excludes devices running Windows 7 or 8 from consideration.

Although Windows 10 users are unable to easily upgrade their devices to the recent platform due to more stringent system requirements, the growth of Windows 11 is commendable when compared to certain other Windows versions. Windows 10 version 21H1 continues to have the majority of the market share, however, according to the data (28.6 percent ). Windows 10 O20U (v20H2) is the next most popular update with 26.3% of users.

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Windows 11 usage is predicted to rise in the future as more people are switching to the updated platform or purchase new devices that come pre-loaded with the latest OS. The OS and the user experience have been continually improved by Microsoft’s ongoing development of new features. So, do you have a desktop or laptop running Windows 11? Comment below if you’ve had similar experiences.

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