Wireless charging on the iPhone 8: Innovative or a little too late?



Apple has recently listed as a member of the Wireless Power Consortium whose objective is to promote the widespread deployment of the wireless charging standard, Qi. Apple has confirmed their listing and is now one of more than 200 member companies which includes Samsung, Nokia, Dell and Toshiba.


This listing has ignited rumours that the iPhone 8 will feature wireless charging. Although not a new technology, wireless charging has not been a standard feature of the iPhone. Qi is the industry standard in wireless charging and it seems as though we may soon have an iPhone with this feature. The Apple Watch, in 2015, was deemed compliant with the Qi wireless charging standard even though Apple didn’t actively pursue this feature.


Despite this, many are now speculating that the iPhone 8, expected out later this year, will feature wireless charging as a standard feature. Rumours abound that this will be in the form of inductive technology using a charging pad, which we can argue, isn’t really wireless. Nevertheless, is this a little too late? Wireless charging has long been used by Apple’s arch-rival, Samsung. But as we know, Apple is never the first to adopt a new technology, preferring to take notes from others, reverse engineer and try to do it better. However, the iPhone 8 will represent a turning point for the Cupertino company. With many rivals, strong on its heels, Apple will need more than inductive charging to win people over.


Whatever the rumours, we can be sure that the iPhone 8 will be a significant step up from previous designs and specifications. Even though adopting wireless charging represents a delayed reaction, past experience shows us that Apple tends to do things properly. We will be keeping you posted on new developments and rumours regarding the iPhone 8. Stay tuned!


Indrasen Moodley

Indrasen Moodley is an academic and tech enthusiast. He is passionate about all things tech, especially the use of technology to enhance teaching and our understanding of the world around us.