As someone who purchased an electric toothbrush far too late in life, I value any device that promises to reduce my dental care expenses. After making its debut in Europe a few years ago, the Y-Brush, a sonic toothbrush that can clean teeth in 10 seconds flat, is now available through Amazon in the United States. The Y-Brush, unlike a conventional toothbrush, has a mouthguard-shaped head with 35,000 nylon bristles designed to clean all of your teeth simultaneously. Instead of moving the toothbrush around your mouth for two minutes, you place one side of your mouth within the Y-Brush, activate the device, and then chew softly on the brush head while rotating it around your teeth. After completing one set of teeth, the procedure is repeated on the other half. Expect to spend no more than 30 seconds brushing your teeth.

Y-Brush does not promise superior cleaning performance as much as it claims its products would help you take better care of your teeth. Since most adults spend between 45 seconds and one minute cleaning their teeth, traditional and electric toothbrushes are not as efficient as they could be if people spent the recommended two minutes preserving their pearly whites. Most contemporary electric toothbrushes attempt to circumvent this issue by incorporating timers that remind you to shift the brush along your gumline and brush different areas. Instead, the Y-Brush strives to make the procedure as quick as possible.

The Y-Brush is more pricey than the ordinary electric toothbrush, with the base NylonStart model costing $80 and lacking a timer setting (you can count to 10, right?). Popular models such as the Sonicare 4100 cost approximately $50, but you’ll detest Philips for its expensive and proprietary brush heads. Y-Brush also provides a model designed for children between the ages of four and twelve, as well as a $130 NylonBlack model with numerous timed settings and an attachment for toothpaste tubes that makes it easier to use with the Y-Brush.

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