Yoga Barbie Controversy – ‘Yoga Barbie’ Satanic Panic Facebook Post – Truth or Fiction?

Yoga Barbie Controversy

El Segundo, California – A new kid’s toy from the toy giant is the “Breathe With Me” Meditation Barbie from Mattel. Kids may assist Barbie in her meditation practice while learning about self-care for a retail price of under $25. Kids may join in on the relaxation with the simple touch of a button.

Conservative Christians, on the other hand, believe that not everything is as it seems. It is not an encouragement to self-care, but an offer to open a door into the abyss, according to CAER, the Christian group opposed to Eastern religions, which just released a statement on the item.

Christians have been warned by a Christian influencer that Yoga Barbie will ‘possess’ children and have them roasting online.

Many jokes have been made about a Christian influencer’s warning that a Yoga Barbie doll may lead to youngsters being “possessed by demons.”

A snapshot of the doll sitting cross-legged was posted on May 3 by Yasmeen Suri. “Breathe with me Barbie” and “5 guided meditations” were printed on a plastic box that contained the doll. More than 56,000 people have liked and commented on Suri’s Facebook post, which has received more than 36,000 responses.

yoga barbie controversy

Suri wrote, “‘Yoga Barbie’ is on the shelf at Target.” “Satan appears to be completely blameless at all times. He won’t show up with a pitchfork and horns.”

Yoga and Hinduism are inseparable, according to the Christian speaker and author, whose publications include Beautiful Deception and The Fake God Reference Guide.

As she put it, “you can’t divorce the positions from religion.” “Invoking a Hindu god in the etheric world is the goal of each position. In my experience, I’ve seen devils take control of children.”

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“Satan is chasing the children,” Suri said, predicting that Satan will “exploit,” “indoctrinate,” and “destroy” them. She warned her audience that their children would become “rebellious, despondent, and many will be suicide” if they allowed their children to play with Yoga Barbie.

“Delivered from various New Age notions and erroneous theological teachings” following an experience with Jesus Christ, Suri says on her website.

“Yoga Barbie” Facebook page post

A snapshot of a Barbie doll on a shelf at an unidentified Target store was included. In a May 12 2022 Imgur post titled “SATAN YOGA BARBIE,” screenshots of both the photograph and the Facebook status update were published.’

yoga barbie controversy

The name of the product (“Breathe with Me Barbie”) could be seen at the bottom of the photograph. A picture of Barbie in a yoga position adorned the packaging:

“Yoga Barbie is the new Satanic panic!” was the headline of a Reddit post on May 12, 2022, titled “Yoga Barbie is the new Satanic panic.”

As of May 12, 2022, the post had been shared more than 30,000 times on Facebook. In May 2022, the same person claimed that unicorns represent serious spiritual harm to tiny children in an Instagram post:

Many parents have come to me over the years to tell me that their children have been seeing something…

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Her Facebook post was inundated with jabs and wisecracks from the internet.

Many jokes have been made about a Christian influencer’s warning that a Yoga Barbie doll may lead to youngsters being “possessed by demons.” In 2016, a yoga-practicing Barbie doll was spotted in Paris’ Museum of Decorative barbie controversy

“Yoga has been really beneficial for my daughter recently. I like the way her eyes have a reddish tinge to them “Trudie Macfarlane penned this.

“I’d like a refund of the money I paid. At yoga class, I was never possessed by a demon. The whole thing is such a rip-off “said Jaime Elliott

On social media, there have been debates over the connection between yoga and Christianity. Yoga, according to conservative pundit Matt Walsh in 2018 was inextricably linked to “Hinduism” in the Daily Wire piece, “Yoga is a Pagan Ritual. It’s Possible Christians Need a New Workout Plan.”

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A “Catholic position” on yoga was addressed in 2015 by Canada’s Catholic Archdiocese of Regina.

As Archdiocesan Theologian Dr. Brett Salked put it, “The Vatican has not been obligated to inform Catholics that yoga is entirely out of bounds. In reality, many of the objections Catholics employ against the practice of yoga are unCatholic and even superstitious..”

Gender-neutral Barbies and dolls with vitiligo and hair loss have been added to the Mattel Barbie range in recent years. A doll celebrating the Mexican holiday Da De Muertos has also been included.


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