Zach Wilson Dating Mom’s Best Friend – His Ex Girlfriend Claims It!

Zach Wilson Dating Mom

According to recent claims made by Zach Wilson’s ex-girlfriend, the Jets quarterback and she broke up earlier this year after he had a sexual relationship with his mother’s best friend, Radar has learned.

After Dax Milne, Gile’s new boyfriend and Wilson’s former college roommate uploaded a picture of himself and Giles at the beach on Saturday, Giles, Wilson’s 22-year-old ex, made the startling accusation over the weekend.

Word on the street, Milne wrote beside two images of the couple holding hands and hugging with the sun setting in the backdrop.

Milne has since muted all comments on the image, however one Instagram user apparently referred to Giles as a “homie hopper” in the comments, which is a phrase for someone who breaks up with their partner and then starts dating their partner’s closest friend right away.

Giles retorted, “[Wilson] was sleeping with his mom’s closest friend…the that’s true homie hopper,” suggesting the reason for their January breakup with the 22-year-old New York Jets quarterback.

Another user remarked, “Lol, it’s true.” “I know the mom of the best friend, and she freaked out for a long.”

The fact that Wilson attended Brigham Young University, a school supported by the Mormon Church, makes the accusation all the more surprising.

Zach Wilson Dating Mom

Regarding his experience at the university and how it “helped [him] develop [his] relationship with God,” Wilson has been very outspoken.

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I consider myself to be a pretty spiritual guy,” he declared in an interview conducted in April 2021, not long after the Jets selected him. I believe that God and I have always had a positive relationship.

The Jets’ deputy equipment manager Joe McMahon added his criticism of Giles and Milne’s new union.

I don’t know which is going to be a greater joke, your NFL career or this romance,” McMahon wrote.

The most recent accusation against Wilson also comes after the quarterback, a first-round choice, had a dismal rookie campaign with the Jets, winning just three of the 13 games he played in and tossing nine touchdown passes.

Despite his subpar season, Wilson stated last month, “I really do have a lot of faith in myself.” “Obviously, I believe I can be among the greatest, and I believe that anyone who doesn’t say that isn’t a serious competitor.”

The family of Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson Dating Mom

Zach Wilson’s parents, Mike and Lisa, commemorated their 25th wedding anniversary in March. She posted a private message to her longtime partner on Instagram.

She uttered: “DONATE THANKS. I know I talk about Mike a lot. He drives me insane! However, I’m also OBSESSED with him. He also thinks the world of me. He helps me to feel secure. Even when I disagree with what he says, he helps me grow. He trusted me and allowed me to construct our homes. Together, we have raised 6 wonderful kids. I’m really appreciative of this enormous lug and wouldn’t trade him for anything.”

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Four sons and two girls, totaling six children, were born into the marriage. The family is a committed Mormon household. Zach Wilson’s middle name, Kapono, was chosen since Mike is of Hawaiian ancestry. They are really close, and only two weeks ago, they were all seen taking a vacation in Mexico together.

The Wilson family may find the recent news a little embarrassing, but they seem to have a strong enough kinship to overcome it. On the other side, her best friend can be in a completely different situation, and their friendship might be permanently over.

Zach Wilson Net Worth 2022

Zach Wilson Dating Mom

Including a $23 million signing bonus, a $35.15 million guaranteed value, and a fifth-year offer! By placing a heavy strain on the lowest layer of jets, such enormous payloads raise their net worth.

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With the New York Jets, Zach Wilson makes an annual salary of about $8,787,670. The quarterback’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million when taking into account his extravagant earnings and wealth sponsorships.


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