Zedge App: Download Some Extraordinary Ringtones And Wallpapers For Your Device!

Zedge App

Zedge is a free app that offers a wide range of downloadable live wallpaper, ringtones, and other features to personalise your smartphone.

What purpose does the Zedge app serve?

Zedge is an app that allows you to download live wallpapers, ringtones, app icons, and wallpapers to further personalise your smartphone. The app is accessible on both iOS and Android devices.

According to user experience up to this point, the Zedge app is secure to use and malware-free. Google Play Protect, however, advised removing it in 2019 because it might contain viruses.

This prompted the creators of Zedge to remove it. But now that time has passed, the software is back in the Play Store and is regarded as secure.

Is Zedge an unsafe app?

Zedge App

On the Play Store and App Store together, Zedge has received over 460 million downloads. Zedge now has over 30 million users who are active. With minimal problems, it has long been a well-liked wallpaper and ringtones programme.

But in 2019, Google Play Protect published a Zedge hazardous notification warning users that downloading the app might damage their device. In order to check for malware and defects, the Zedge developers temporarily withdrew the app from the market.

Google did not provide an explanation as to why this occurred, however, it is assumed that the problem was brought on by the upgraded Google security filters.

It is safe to use because Zedge is now again available for consumers to download from the Play Store. According to user reviews, the app appears to be operating without any issues.

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Android wallpapers from Zedge

Zedge for Android is a convenient app available on Google Play that lets you customise your Android smartphone with wallpaper, live wallpaper, ringtones, games, icons, widgets, and keyboards.

You’ll get a menu with the aforementioned options when you launch the Zedge app after downloading it.

  • Open the Zedge application.
  • From the menu, choose Wallpaper. Featured and Discover are two tabs located close to the top. The Discover menu gives you the option to browse by category or colour, while Featured contains curated media.
  • Select a category by tapping Discover, such as Sayings. The alternatives can then be opened or previewed by scrolling through that category.
  • The X in the upper left corner can be tapped to return to the previous screen.
  • Tap the white circle in the bottom centre of the screen that has a download icon to set something as your wallpaper.
  • Hit Set Wallpaper. Your background will be changed and automatically downloaded by Zedge.
  • What happens if you enjoy the picture but aren’t ready to make it your wallpaper just yet? To download it, select it by tapping the download icon or by tapping the three dots menu in the top right corner.
  • The chosen wallpaper will be added by Zedge to a new folder called Wallpaper in your Gallery or Photos.

Android ringtones from Zedge

Zedge App

Similar principles apply when downloading Zedge ringtones for your Android phone.

  • From the menu list, select Ringtones. Once more, you have the option of browsing through the featured ringtones or using the Discover menu to search by category.
  • Select a category, such as Country, by tapping Discover. A list of ringtones with country music will appear.
  • From this screen, tap the play icon to view a preview (triangle inside the circle). The preview will load and play for you via Zedge. You can hit the heart icon to add a ringtone to your favourites if you like it but want to keep browsing.
  • Tap the song title followed by the white circle with the download button to start the ringtone download. On this screen, you may also listen to it.
  • You will then be presented with the following choices: Set Ringtone, Set Contact Ringtone, Set Notification, and Set Alarm Sound. Zedge will handle the rest if you tap the one of your choosing.
  • Once more, you can download it for later use by selecting Download from the three dots option in the top right corner.

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iPhone wallpapers from Zedge

Zedge App

Zedge Wallpapers are available to iPhone users. A Zedge ringtone app for iOS is no longer available. Here’s how to get Zedge wallpapers onto your iPhone.

  • Get the Zedge app open. The home screen will display featured wallpapers and premium wallpaper previews. You’ll see the search icon, the home icon, and a diamond icon for premium (paid) content at the bottom of the screen.
  • To view popular searches, colours, or categories, tap on the search icon. For some illustrations, tap Pets & Animals under categories.
  • In the bottom centre of the screen, click and hold the white circle with the download icon. The picture will be downloaded by Zedge automatically and placed in an album in your Photos called Zedge.
  • Exit the programme, then go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper to replace your current wallpaper with the downloaded picture.
  • After selecting Zedge, go down the album list. After selecting the wallpaper with your finger, select Still or Perspective > Set.
  • If you press Set, a choice will appear asking if you want to Set the Home Screen, Set the Lock Screen, or Set Both. Press your home button to exit after choosing your preferred choice.

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How do I remove Zedge by default?

You can stop using Zedge as your default ringtone application in one of two methods.

Eliminate defaults

If you previously chose Zedge to be your preferred ringtone application and now wish to uninstall it:

  • Go to “Apps” in Settings.
  • Select “Show system apps” by tapping the three dots in the top right corner. Be aware that you should select “Samsung app settings” if your Samsung phone runs Android 9 or higher.
  • Locate “Media storage” and tap it. Next, choose “Open by default.”
  • Then, select “Clear defaults.”

Your phone will no longer have Zedge set as the default ringtone app.

Reset the defaults for the “My files” app if the “Media storage” app is not visible. Your default ringtone setter can be My Files if the “Media storage” system programme is not present.

Reset preferences

For a different way to make Zedge your default app, try it if the “Clear default” technique doesn’t work for you. Resetting all of your phone’s preferences, including Zedge’s, using the “Reset Preferences” feature:

  • Go to “Apps” in Settings.
  • In the upper right corner, click the three dots.
  • Select “Reset app preferences.”

The default settings for all apps will be cleared when preferences are reset, and preferences for alerts from apps, permissions limitations, and deactivated apps will also be reset.


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