Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reports that Apple may release a new 24-inch iMac as early as the second half of the year. Gurman reports in his most recent Power On newsletter that the development of two new iMac models has reached a “late stage” and that Apple has begun manufacturing tests.

Gurman anticipates that volume production of the 2023 iMac will not begin for at least three more months, but the good news is that the updated models will include a number of enhancements.

Apple’s next-generation M3 system-on-a-chip is rumoured to be included in the iMac 2023. Gurman explains that the new chipset is anticipated to offer significant performance and power efficiency gains as a result of TSMC’s upcoming 3nm process. Apple is reportedly redesigning a number of the iMac’s internal components.

Gurman states that the company intends to use a “distinct” manufacturing process to attach the iMac’s stand. However, the all-in-one will continue to feature a 24-inch display and will be available in the same vibrant hues as its predecessor from 2021.

In addition to a new iMac, Gurman reports that the company is preparing to release the long-rumored 15-inch MacBook Air, a refreshed 13-inch model, and its first Apple Silicon Mac Pro.

He anticipates that these Macs will arrive between late spring and this summer. Less certain is whether or not the new MacBook Airs will include M3 chips. Gurman hypothesises that “at least” the 13-inch model could feature Apple’s most recent processor, given that the company already offers an ultraportable M2 model.

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