“Hospital Playlist,” a South Korean TV drama, is about a group of doctors who have been friends since medical school in 1999. They are unstoppable when they work together. Music-loving buddies.

The show depicts how they balance work, love, and family life. A medical drama becomes more enjoyable to watch when romance and humor are introduced. Their camaraderie is what binds these two individuals together.

On March 12, 2020, an episode will air on television and Netflix. Lee Myung-Haan and Shin Won-ho produced the film, with Lee Wook-jong serving as executive producer. When it initially aired, it was a hit. It quickly became one of the most popular K-dramas ever.

When Will the Third Season of Hospital Playlist Be Released?

Hospital Playlist Season 3

The network has no plans for a third season at this time. As a result, the series will not end as planned. Hospital Playlist, according to the director, will almost certainly be renewed for a second season on the CW.

If tvN agrees to renew the drama next year, the third season will be broadcast in 2023. Netflix has the show available in over 100 countries. So, watch for future episodes of your favorite shows to see if anything has changed.

Director Shin recently remarked in an interview that the third season of “Hospital Playlist” was “not fully safe.”

The second season of Hospital Playlist closed with viewers crying as their favorite doctors went on new loves and experiences in their personal and professional lives. A kiss at the conclusion strengthens the newly discovered love, which pleases viewers.

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Hospital Playlist Season 3 Cast

Hospital Playlist Season 3

  • Jo Jung-suk plays Lee Ik-jun.
  • Yoo Yeon-Seok plays Ahn Jeong-won.
  • Jung Kyung-ho plays Kim Jun-wan.
  • Kim Dae-myung plays Yang Seok-hyeong.
  • Jeon Mi-do plays Chae Song-Hwa.
  • Shin Hyun-been (Jang Gyeo-ul)
  • Kwak Sun-young plays Lee Ik-sun.
  • Choi Young-joon plays Chu Min-ha as Ahn Eun-jin Bong Gwang-hyun.
  • Moon Tae-yoo plays Yong Seok-min.
  • Ha Yoon-Kyung plays Heo Sun-Bin.
  • Kim Jun-han plays Ahn Chi-hong.
  • Bae Hyun-sung plays Jang Hong-do.
  • Cho Yi-hyun plays Jang Yun-bok.

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Who Will Return for Season 3 of ‘a Hospital Playlist’?

Hospital Playlist Season 3

The cast of Hospital Playlist teased and delighted fans about the possibility of a third season by publishing teases on social media in February.

On Valentine’s Day, major actor Kim Dae-Myung published an Instagram photo of himself and his co-stars dressed as their K-drama characters. Fans were quick to discover that the shot was a fresh one because the actors’ hairstyles had altered.

The cast of Hospital Playlist regrouped to record a special Blu-ray commentary for the series, according to the Hospital Playlist team. Actress Jeon Mi-do poured fuel to the fire in an interview after the conclusion of her most recent K-drama, Thirty-Nine.

According to Soompi, the actor was asked if the third season of Hospital Playlist was in the works at the time of the interview. Fans are encouraged by her response.

“To be honest, the five of us alternate bothering the director. No one can predict what will happen in the future or in the present. The performers are always discussing it.

It’s something we’d like to have. “We’re always thinking about it in a positive light,” Jeon said. According to Jeon’s social media post, the main cast is in cahoots and sees each other on a regular basis.

What Is the Plot of Hospital Playlist Season 3?

Hospital Playlist Season 3

The chemistry between the guys changes dramatically in season two. While initially disregarding Ik-proposal jun’s interest in dating, Song-Hwa finds herself unable to resist her increasing feelings for the boy next door.

Ik-jun kissed her just as he predicted. Despite the fact that his OB/GYN colleague Min-ha may be leaving the country, Seok-Hyeon admits to having feelings for her.

A third season would provide us with more insight into the romantic interests of the five friends. The question now is whether Song-little Hwa’s child will accept him as a member of the Ik family.

Despite the fact that he has always known her as his father’s friend, he may need some time to acclimate to the idea of them having a sexual relationship.

As a result, studying more about Seok-Hyeon and Min-connection ha’s could be interesting. If the show is revived, we can expect to witness the medical staff dealing with a range of unforeseen events and medical problems.

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Where Can I Watch ‘Hospital Playlist’?

The most talked-about K-drama does not require fans to travel far. Hospital Playlist was created in partnership with tvN and Netflix. It may be tough for new fans to keep from binge-watching the first and second seasons, which are now available to stream.

While fans fall in love with the main actors and their characters’ antics, they can still see some of them in other works. After a successful run on Netflix, Jeon’s most recent K-drama, Thirty-Nine, came to an end. Three female best friends were presented with a tough fact in the story. One of them is on his deathbed.

Yoo Yeon-Seok has not appeared in a new K-drama since 2012’s Vanishing. His other acting credits include The Accidental Narco, a Netflix original series that will release in the fall of 2018. As of now, neither Kim Dae-Myung nor Jung Kyung-ho has been cast in any new projects.

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