How to Fix the Power Button in iPhone in 5 Best Ways?

How to Fix the Power Button in iPhone

It’s difficult to operate your iPhone® much at all if the Power button is stuck or damaged. The good news is that most problems can be solved easily. Whether you want to learn new tricks for your phone or reset your AirPods®, Asurion can help you make the most of your technology. Listed below is our explanation of the potential causes of your Power button’s malfunction and advice on how to resolve it.

Why won’t your iPhone Power Button Work?

Your Power button not functioning due to one of several typical causes. They comprise:

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1. Check and Clean the Power button

How to Fix the Power Button in iPhone in 5 Best Ways?

2. Restart Your iPhone Using AssistiveTouch

Software problems could be to blame if the Power button is clean and undamaged but still does not function. You can reset your phone using the AssistiveTouch® feature without pressing the Power button in order to potentially fix the issue. As follows:

3. Lock your iPhone with AssistiveTouch

If the Power button continues to malfunction, you may have a hardware problem and should get a professional iPhone repair. Use AssistiveTouch to lock your phone and keep it safe while still allowing you to use it.

We’re just around the corner if you’ve done these steps and still need a little assistance. Our qualified technicians can fix your device as soon as the same day if you schedule a repair at the nearby uBreakiFix® by Asurion or Asurion Tech Repair & SolutionsTM location.

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4. Protect Your Phone

Asurion has helped 300 million consumers safeguard, connect, and enjoy the technology they love most for more than 25 years. Smartphones are also not an exception. Your smartphone has information about your life; safeguard it. Find out more about the Asurion phone insurance options right now.

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