Read receipts are an easy way to confirm that you have viewed a message. But occasionally you may not want others to know. Here’s how to enable or disable them for everyone or specific individuals.

Read receipts indicate when you have viewed an incoming message, which is useful when you don’t want to keep the other person guessing about whether or not you’ve received their text.

The capability is integrated into Apple’s Messages app, although it is unavailable for standard SMS texts. The difference can be distinguished by colour. A blue text bubble represents Apple’s iMessage, whereas a green text bubble represents an SMS communication. Neither group nor individual communications support read receipts.

Sadly, this feature may become a source of tension and concern for all parties, particularly when someone sees that you’ve received their message but are anxious because you haven’t answered promptly. Perhaps you’re preoccupied with something else or need time to formulate the ideal response. Stop worrying. In the same way that you can enable read receipts, you can quickly disable them for everyone or for select recipients.

Enable All Read Receipts

Enable All Read Receipts

To enable read receipts for all incoming text messages, navigate to Settings > Messages on your iPhone or iPad and toggle the Send Read Receipts switch on.

Read note appears

Now, when you examine a text message sent by another person, a little Read note will indicate the time you viewed the message.

Read note appears

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Turn Off Read Receipts for Specific Contacts

You may wish to leave read receipts enabled by default but disable them for certain recipients, a feature introduced in iOS 10.

Turn off read receipts for specific contacts

Open Messages and tap a discussion with the individual whose read receipts you wish to disable.

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Touch the profile symbol in the upper-right corner, then tap the Info icon. Switch off the setting for Sending Read Receipts.

Disable read receipts through the Contacts app

Moreover, you can block read receipts using the Contacts app. Open the application and load the individual’s contact page. Touch the message icon followed by the individual’s profile symbol. Switch off the Send Read Receipts switch.

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