Julia Haart, an American businesswoman, was sacked from her husband’s company, Elite World Group.

According to US Weekly, Elite World Group staff received a memo on February 9 announcing that Paolo Barbieri, the company’s CEO, will take over for the 50-year-old fashion designer.

Haart was absolutely startled by the firing, according to an insider.

Haart filed for divorce from her 63-year-old husband, Italian entrepreneur Silvio Scaglia, after being sacked from her job. Scaglia named her CEO of Elite World Group after the couple married in 2019. Aside from that, he took her surname as well.

Julia Haart Net Worth: 'My Unorthodox Life' Star's Personal Life Explored

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The pair did not sign a prenuptial agreement before their July 2019 wedding, according to Page Six. They further claim that the reality show’s cameras were rolling at the time Haart was fired.

Without understanding what would happen, the former La Perla creative director brought the cameras from her Netflix series My Unorthodox Life into her office. Things are “about to get nasty,” according to a business source.

Haart controlled 50% of the company and was one of the two directors, according to a lawyer for her, who spoke to US Weekly on February 10.


Her family relocated to Monsey, New York, where she raised four children in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish setting. However, in 2013, at the age of 42, she made the decision to leave her husband and neighborhood to start a shoe company.

Julia Haart Net Worth: 'My Unorthodox Life' Star's Personal Life Explored

In an interview with People earlier this year, Julia said, “The thought of establishing a shoe company when you’ve never produced a shoe didn’t occur to me.”

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Julia Haart’s Net Worth

“I am a co-owner of Elite World Group…,” Julia recently said in a statement to Women’s Health. When I took over the company in 2018, it was valued at $90 million, and today it’s worth over $1 billion in just two years.”

Julia’s net worth is projected to be $500 million every year as a co-owner of the company.

Julia Haart’s Private Life

Julia Haart is married to Silvio Scaglia, an Italian businessman. In the year 2019, she married him. She had previously been married to a yeshiva student. She married her first husband when she was 19 years old. Batsheva, Shlomo, Miriam, and Aaron are the four children of Haart’s first marriage.

Julia Haart Net Worth: 'My Unorthodox Life' Star's Personal Life Explored

Julia started using birth control after having four children because she was unhappy with the Unorthodox Jewish society. She was particularly dissatisfied with how the community handled her younger daughter, Miriam. Finally, she took the decision to leave the unconventional community, and she and her kid walked out the door.


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Q1. Does My Unorthodox Life have a trailer?

Ans. Yes, and it offers tantalizing glimpses into Haart’s high-flying life, including her profession, spouse, children, and more.

Q2. When was My Unorthodox Life first broadcast?

Ans. On July 14, the first season of the sitcom aired on Netflix.

Q3. Julia Haart is still Jewish, right?

Ans. Yes, and I’m proud of it. She can frequently be heard on My Unorthodox Life using Hebrew words and expressing Jewish ideals. In addition, as she emphasized to The New York Times, my problems and treatment have nothing to do with Judaism. Principles, community, lovingkindness, and the appreciation of beautiful things are central to Judaism. I am quite proud to be a Jew. I believe in the existence of God. I couldn’t stop myself from doing it. This is a way of demonstrating to people that Jews come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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