A man in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, is recovering from a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to the face after an incident on Friday morning, leaving police with an unusual investigation.

According to Pawtucket police, officers responded to a call reporting a shooting on Don Court at around 10:30 am. Upon arrival, they found a male victim with a gunshot wound on his face. 

Fortunately, the injury was not life-threatening, and the man, who remained alert and conscious throughout the ordeal, was transported to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment.

An unexpected twist emerged when the victim, following medical treatment, reportedly declined to press charges related to the shooting. This refusal to cooperate has cast a shadow over the investigation, leaving detectives with unanswered questions.

Pawtucket Police are actively seeking information from the public to understand the circumstances surrounding the shooting. The motive for the incident and the identities of those involved remain unclear.

Anyone with knowledge of the shooting is urged to contact the Pawtucket Police Department.

The shooting on Don Court has rattled the Pawtucket community. Residents expressed concern about the violence and the unusual details surrounding the case.

“It’s scary to think something like this can happen right here,” said one neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous. “And what’s even more unsettling is why the victim wouldn’t want to press charges. There has to be more to the story.”

Local community leaders echoed these concerns. “We urge anyone with information to come forward and help the police get to the bottom of this,” said Pawtucket City Councilor Sarah Thompson. “Violence has no place in our neighborhoods, and cooperation is essential to keeping our community safe.”

Meanwhile, Pawtucket Police are tight-lipped about the details of the investigation. Detective Sergeant Christopher LeFort declined to comment on the victim’s possible connection to the shooter or any potential leads the department might be pursuing.

“This is an active investigation,” Sgt. LeFort stated. “We are following up on all leads and encourage anyone with information to come forward.”

The shooting remains under investigation, and Pawtucket residents await answers as to why this act of violence occurred and why the victim chose not to press charges.

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