Microsoft Edge wouldn’t be the first web browser to add crypto features. Over the past few years, Opera has changed its focus to include more crypto features. It has even made a separate browser called Opera Crypto Browser. The dedicated app has an integrated crypto wallet, support for DApps (web apps that work with blockchains in some way), and the ability to mint NFTs.

It’s strange that Microsoft is supposedly working on a crypto wallet for Edge, especially since most of the hype and attention around cryptocurrencies has died down over the past year. The collapse of exchanges like FTX and BlockFi has left the cryptocurrency ecosystem in shambles, and AI has mostly replaced crypto as the hottest thing in tech, thanks to the popularity of services like ChatGPT and Bing Chat. Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, just stopped working on NFTs and crypto wallets because the company is now focusing on AI research.

Microsoft Edge image with Crypto wallet open

We asked Microsoft if the feature was real, and a representative told How-To Geek, “At Microsoft, we test new features all the time to find out what our customers want.” We look forward to hearing from customers and learning from them, but we don’t have anything else to say right now.”

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