‘My Perfect Landing,’ a Canadian teen drama series, follows Jenny Cortez, an aspiring young gymnast, as she attempts to fit in after moving from Miami to Toronto.

As soon as she gets there, Jenny realises she has a hidden skill and sets out to use it to achieve her lifelong goal. The author and showrunner of the comedy-drama are Frank van Keeken (the film “The Next Step”). When it was released in Canada in March 2020, it was praised for using real-life competitive gymnasts in the primary cast.

To better reach a global audience in August 2020, Netflix will cease distribution of the show. The second season of “My Perfect Landing” must have piqued your interest following your binge-watching of the first? Here’s all we know thus far!

Release Date of Season 2 of My Perfect Landing

My Perfect Landing: Season One debuted on Netflix on August 1, 2020, with all 13 episodes. The programme premiered on Family Channel on March 1, 2020, ahead of its Netflix release. In total, there are fifteen 30-minute episodes in this series. Fortunately, Netflix has combined the first two episodes, bringing the total number of episodes for the series up to 14.


My Perfect Landing Season 2

Here’s all we know about the next season. Until now, there has been no official word on whether or not the show would be renewed or cancelled. However, the show received a positive reception from viewers due to its cheerful and uplifting idea for teenagers.

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The first season ended with unanswered questions about Jenny’s future. As a result, there’s a good likelihood the original network will pick up the show for another season.

“My Perfect Landing” season 2 will premiere on Family Channel in early 2023 and then be made available to streaming services such as Netflix a year later.

Who are the cast members of My Perfect Landing Season 2??

Actress Morgan Wigle, a native of Mississauga in Ontario, stars as gymnast Jenny Cortez. A character named Joon Cortez is played by Tom Hulshof.

Helena Marie portrays Whitney Cortez, Jenny’s mother, and Joon’s grandmother in this drama. With Shawn Thompson taking on the part of Jenny’s Grandfather Gus McIlroy, and Natasha Zaborski stepping into the role of Olivia Shaw, the ensemble expands even more.

My Perfect Landing Season 2


As well as Clark as Miss Allister, Keira Still as Bops Percival, and Abby Stretch as Tori Bannister, the cast also features Luca Assad as Lena Montgomery, Parker Lauzon as Paul F. Monroe, Azeem Nathoo as Mo, and Osias Reid as Dace Deloreon.

Almost all of the main cast members are expected to return for the second season, with the possible exception of a few characters.

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What will be the plot of the second season of My Perfect Landing?

Whitney Cortez loses her job and is forced to relocate from Miami to Toronto, Canada, with her two children, Jenny and Joon, to start a new life after moving there from Miami in season 1. Following her father Gus’ move to Toronto, Whitney launches a gymnastics club with the help of her father, both of whom were competitive gymnasts in their youth.

While Whitney doesn’t support Jenny’s interest in gymnastics, her grandfather covertly coaches and pushes her for the competitions.

My Perfect Landing Season 2

During one of the stunts, Jenny breaks her leg in the climax. When Jenny reaches the final round, her mother and her new schoolmates provide her with all the support she needs and serve as a reminder that she is stronger than she realises.

Her mother and grandfather were overjoyed to see Jenny do so well despite her discomfort and anguish on the way to the Hillside Individual winner title.

One possibility is that Season 2 picks up just where Season 1 left off. The doctor will examine Jenny’s foot carefully and provide a diagnosis that might determine whether or not she is able to continue her career as a doctor.

Even though Gus and Whitney are concerned about Jenny’s gymnastics career, they may go to great lengths to assist her to get back on track. Now that she is one step closer to achieving her goal, Jenny can work hard to regain her strength, and with patience and dedication, the little marvel might emerge on top.

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