There is currently no set date for the release of the third season of the anime series Noragami, and there has been no official confirmation of a third season. When can we expect to see Season 3 of Noragami, if at all?

In this article, we will discuss the likelihood of a third season of the Noragami anime being produced in 2023, as well as a possible release date. There are supernatural elements in the shounen-action anime Noragami, which makes it fantastic. Yato is the series’ primary protagonist.

The protagonist, Yato, is a god without a name or a shrine who sets out to build one fit for a god. When he runs into Hiyori Iki, a typical eighth grader, he offers to help her out for 5 yen.

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From There on Out

Nomenclature is a central part of Noragami, if not the most crucial part. Names carry a great deal of significance. A spirit receives a new name when it is transformed into a Regalia, the sacred weapon of a god. This means that people must take great care to remember the names of their deities, as if they were human beings themselves.

Yato, the main god of the series, goes out of his way to grant people’s wishes and do odd jobs for them for the meagre sum of 5 yen per assignment so that he can keep some measure of control over his fleeting existence while he works to construct a shrine for himself, which would cement his place in human consciousness by providing a physical place of worship. More of Yato’s history and the origin of his name are revealed in Noragami Aragoto.

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Where Do We Go From Here?

After witnessing Ebisu’s bravery and death, Yato decides to switch sides and become a god of fortune instead of calamity, and Noragami Aragoto ends at this pivotal point in Yato’s story. During the series’ post-credits scene, we see Yato’s father, Kouto Fujisaki (whom Hiyori went on a date with) holding Ebisu’s brush, which is pretty damning. An amazing precedent for the next season is set, but it isn’t explored.

The anime concludes with volume 10, but the manga continues on for another 12 volumes, covering events like the appearance of Yato’s father, Nora’s revenge plot, Yato’s first divine council, and the divine matchmaking that will pair every mortal in Japan.

Eight years have passed since Noragami Aragoto, and for fans of the series, this is a very strange concept to wrap their heads around, especially given the success of the first two seasons. Noragami is long overdue for a third season, given the importance of the arcs that follow, but fans have nothing to do but read the manga and hope that Bones will be interested in adapting it.

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