The OWC Thunderbolt Go Dock is a Thunderbolt docking station with a built-in power source. This makes it easier to move around and gives it a bit more space. It has a good number of ports and is a strong candidate for both hybrid workers and digital nomads.

Unboxing and First Impression

The Least Exciting Thing About Using the Thunderbolt Go Over the Last Few Weeks Was Probably Taking It out Of the Box. the Box Comes with The Dock, a Thunderbolt Cable, and An Ac Adapter.

the Package Is Simple, and There Was No Need for Extra Materials to Make Sure the Dock Wouldn’t Get Damaged Since It Can Easily Handle a Bump or Two.

We Liked Right Away that The Port for Connecting Our Mac Book(opens in New Tab) or Any Other Usb-C/thunderbolt Computer or Tablet to The Dock Is on The Right Side of The Gadget.

This makes the Front Even Cleaner and Gives You Plenty of Room to Plug in And Unplug Devices Quickly without Worrying About Unplugging Your Computer by Accident.

Design and Build Quality

OWC Thunderbolt Go Dock Review


The Owc Thunderbolt Go Dock Is a Docking Station with Clean Lines, Clear Letters, and Ports in The Right Places. the Dock Is Bigger than Those at Other Ports that Offer the Same Services. but It Makes Sense Since the Power Source Is Also Inside the Case.

Overall, the Whole Case Is Strong and Well-Made. There Are No Broken Parts, and When You Put It on A Desk, It Doesn’t Move Around. the Ports Are Also Safe. the Style Is Simple Enough that We Don’t Mind Putting It on Our Desk, Even with Our Delorean Sitting on Top of It.

One of The Best Things About the Owc Thunderbolt Go Dock Is that You Don’t Have to Find a Place to Hide (or Put) a Big Power Brick. Yes, the Desktop Is a Little Bigger, but It’s Worth It Because We Don’t Have to Crawl Under the Desk to Unplug It and Then Carry Around Another Big Box when We Move From The Office to Our Home Office.

In Use

After a While of Using the Thunderbolt Go, We Were Happy with The Way the Port Was Split Between the Front and Back of The Dock. the Front Has an Sd Card Reader, a Headphone Jack, a Usb-A 2.0 Port, and A Usb-C 3.2 Port (10 Gb/s), Going from Left to Right.

on The Back, from Left to Right, There Are Two Thunderbolt 4 Ports, an Hdmi 2.1 Port, a 2.5 Gb/s Ethernet Port, Two 10 Gb/s Usb-A 3.2 Ports, and An Ac in Port.

We Really Liked Using the Owc Thunderbolt Go Dock and Found It Very Useful for Quickly Bringing Something to The Office and Using Our Best Standing Desks.

We Didn’t Want to Put a Big Power Brick Under These Desks, so The Fact that You Can Put a Monitor on Top of It (like One of Our Best Business Monitors) and Then This Dock on Top of That without Needing a Big Power Brick Is Really Nice.

OWC Thunderbolt Go Dock Review

We No Longer Have to Decide Between a Small Clip-On Adapter and A Full-Fledged Docking Station when We’re Getting Ready for A Day at The Office, in A Coffee Shop, or On the Go.

We Can Always Bring This One Dock with Us Because It Can Charge Our Laptop, Send Video to A Monitor, Be a Hub for All the Devices We Want to Plug Into Our Computer, and It Doesn’t Have to Be a Huge Brick to Do All of These Things.

With Our Background in Music in Mind, This Dock Has Given Us a Lot of Ideas for How to Use It. when A Group of Creative People Moves from One Gig to The Next or From a Workspace to An Office to A Studio, Knowing that The Ports They Need Will Always Be with Them Not only Gives Them Peace of Mind but Is Also Important for Their Work.

Whether the Creative Setup Needs Usb-C, Thunderbolt 4, Thunderbolt 3, Cat-6 Network, Usb-A, or An Sd Card, This Port Can Handle It All, Changing a Mac Book Into a Brain for A Creative Project without Breaking a Sweat.

Final Verdict

The Owc Thunderbolt Go Dock Has Quickly Become a Part of Our Remote Work Bag and For Good Reason. We Love that Everything Fits in A Dock that Is Easy to Move Around but Also Strong and Reliable.

the Thunderbolt Go Dock Is a Great Compromise Between the Power of a desktop computer and the portability of a portable device. It finds the sweet spot where the only drawback is easy to ignore. The only bad thing about this dock is how big it is, but for the peace of mind it gives, it seems like a good trade-off for the right person on a daily basis.

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