RIP Internet Explorer: The Legacy Browser Is Killed Off by Microsoft

RIP Internet Explorer: Microsoft Kills Off Legacy Browser

Here lays Internet Explorer version 11. It once dominated the web browser market. Now it is extinct.

Microsoft shut its out-of-support old browser permanently on Tuesday in an effort to improve user experience and transition enterprises to its more modern Edge browser, the firm announced. Microsoft emphasised that this applies to “certain versions of Windows 10.”

Microsoft stated, “With an increasing number of websites no longer supporting Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge offers a quicker, more secure, and more contemporary browsing experience that can still access older, Internet Explorer-dependent sites when necessary.”

According to Microsoft, as of Tuesday, devices that had not yet been transferred from IE11 to Microsoft Edge would be.

In the past, Internet Explorer dominated the browser market. It dominated 95 percent of the browser market in 2003. However, the rule of Internet Explorer is now gone, and Microsoft has moved on to Edge. Microsoft’s efforts to incorporate the recently AI-enhanced Bing search engine into Edge have increased interest in both products.

The public’s reaction to the announcement that Microsoft was discontinuing Internet Explorer last summer was both passionate and humorous. South Korea erected a monument honouring the browser, and Internet Explorer memes abounded.

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