The New York Times says that some Apple employees are worried about how useful and how much the company’s new mixed-reality headset will be.

Eight current and former Apple employees who spoke to The New York Times said that the company’s initial excitement about the device has turned into skepticism.

Inside the company, the change in tone is said to show a level of worry about a new Apple product that has never been seen before. This is in stark contrast to past product launches, which were pursued with single-mindedness and enthusiasm.

The first-generation headset is said to be seen as a bridge to future products that require technological breakthroughs. However, many employees are said to be worried about the device’s $3,000 price, limited use, and unproven market.

Skeptics have asked if the device, like the iPod and iPhone, is “a solution in search of a problem.” It looks like the headset was not “driven by the same clarity” as Apple’s other products.

Some Apple employees left the project because they didn’t think it would work, while others were fired because they weren’t making enough progress on features like Siri. Some people in charge at Apple are said to be unhappy, and some of them have questioned the future of the device.

Some Apple Employees Seriously Concerned About Mixed-Reality Headset as Announcement Draws Closer - MacRumors

Many of Apple’s top 100 executives were shown the headset in a video at a company retreat five years ago. The video was made by design chief Jony Ive. In the video, a man in a London taxi wore an augmented reality headset and called his wife in San Francisco. While on the phone, the husband showed his wife the sights of London through his eyes.

The New York Times confirmed that the headset will have a frame made of carbon fiber, a battery on the hip, cameras that look outward, two 4K displays, prescription lenses for people who wear glasses, and a “reality dial” that lets more or less real-time video from the environment pass through.

Apple has put a lot of effort into making sure that the device works well for videoconferencing and spending time as virtual avatars. The main use of the headset is called “copresence.”

There will also be high-resolution TV content made by Jon Favreau and other Hollywood directors. Even though the device is similar to Meta’s headsets and the “metaverse,” Apple is likely to market it as something different from what is already available.

It will also have tools for artists, designers, and engineers that will let them draw and edit images in 3D space. There will also be apps that let you use hand gestures to edit virtual reality videos.

Because of this, it is likely to appeal more to businesses and design firms than to regular consumers. Some employees are rumored to have thought that Apple could again delay the headset’s release, even though it’s already being made and will be shown off in June.

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