Today, at its “Stream On” event, Spotify revealed a significant redesign for its iOS and Android apps. Video and audio previews for music, podcasts, and audiobooks in the Home feed and new video feeds for discovery in Search are two of the largest components.

During its Stream On event, as well as in a number of newsroom posts, Spotify displayed a significant redesign inspired by TikTok.

The company describes the significant UI redesign as “a new, dynamic mobile interface built for deeper discovery and more meaningful connections between artists and fans” and as “our most significant evolution to date.”

Spotify asserts that “the next generation of listeners craves better ways to sample audio before fully diving in”; consequently, the company is transitioning to a “more active experience” with a “completely new and interactive design.”

Spotify describes its new mobile Home feed and Search experience as follows:

Home features music, podcasts & shows, and audiobook excerpts. Simply tap the Music, Podcasts & Shows, or Audiobooks feed to explore visual and audio previews of personalised playlists, albums, podcast episodes, and audiobooks. Then, tap to save or share, explore the artist or podcast pages further, play from the beginning, or continue listening from where the preview ended.

New feeds for discovery in Search: You can explore short Canvas clips of songs from your favourite genres by scrolling up or down. Then, you can easily add the song to a playlist, follow the artist, or share it with your friends — all from a single location. Additionally, you can explore related genres using hashtags within the feed to discover new favourites. You can even preview songs from your favourite playlists, such as Discover Weekly, Release Radar, New Music Friday, and RapCaviar.

After viewing a content preview with the new layout, you can:

Save, download, or share with just one tap:  To save your suggestions to Your Episodes or Your Library, simply tap the Plus (+) icon. Then, download or add to a queue by tapping the three dots at the preview’s bottom.

Play from the start: To listen to a track, album, playlist, or episode from the beginning, press Play. Tap “continue listening” for podcasts to hear the remainder of the preview from where it began.

Dive even deeper: When you tap a recommendation, you’ll be redirected to the corresponding playlist, album, or single, where you can discover additional related content.

As usual, Spotify has not provided a concrete release date for the UI redesign, but the company has stated that it is “beginning to roll out to Premium and Free users globally on iOS and Android.” However, it also revealed that the rollout will occur over the course of “coming weeks and months.”

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