Teddy’s Westworld Season 4 Return Was Kept A Secret By James Marsden “For Years”

Teddy's Westworld Season 4 Return Was Kept a Secret by James Marsden "For Years"

Teddy and Dolores are back together, sort of. James Marsden’s Teddy Flood hasn’t been seen by Westworld viewers since he passed away in Season 2, but a character that remarkably resembles him briefly appeared to end the Season 4 opener.

Following the death of Dolores in Season 3, Christina, a writer played by Evan Rachel Wood, had a feeling that someone had been keeping an eye on her lately in preparation for a “mystery” date. She is shown on her balcony in the episode’s last scene considering her next project before the camera pans to Marsden in front of her apartment complex.

Marsden’s Season 4 character has yet to be identified by the HBO series, although Entertainment Weekly hinted that he and Christina will be going on at least one date this season before the episode’s broadcast on June 26.

Teddy's Westworld Season 4 Return Was Kept a Secret by James Marsden "For Years"

At the ATX TV Festival in early June, Marsden first revealed his surprise return alongside Wood and their co-stars Tessa Thompson (Charlotte), Ed Harris (The Man in Black), Jeffrey Wright (Bernard), and Angela Sarafyan (Clementine). However, Marsden was hesitant to provide EW with any additional details, telling the publication that he preferred to “remain a little mysterious about where you find me in the first episode, if at all.”

However, the actor gave a more broad glimpse of what to expect in Season 4, noting that not much has changed despite the new location.

He said, “The themes of investigating human drives for violence and everything like that is going to continue. And perhaps this season, we’ll investigate what the world would look like if Dolores had freed the humans and the robots. Will they work together or will they fight for power? What transpires when they compete for dominance?

Will these violent urges be passed along to the hosts? We frequently ask those questions about some of the fundamental concepts that we continue to examine on this show, especially in Season 4. What occurs next?

Teddy's Westworld Season 4 Return Was Kept a Secret by James Marsden "For Years"

On June 21, during a joint appearance on Good Morning America alongside Wood, Marsden jocularly referred to Season 4 as “the return of Teddy Flood.” Fans were shocked by the comeback, but the actor admitted that he has known about it since at least 2018.

He admitted to co-host Michael Strahan, “I knew at the beginning of Season 2 that I was going to be away for a spell and then come back.”

I had to tell everyone, including my family and friends, that he had passed away despite the fact that I had known this for years. To be completely honest, I had no idea how or in what capacity I would return. I’ve known it for a few years now, despite how obscure and mysterious the program is.

For her part, Wood remarked that they were allowed to continue “cracking jokes constantly” and acting out sequences from Young Frankenstein and Anchorman in between takes. It’s a very serious, dark, heavy show, and we have to keep it light on set, else we’d lose our minds, Marsden interrupted.

Westworld Season 4 has only recently started, so it is unclear what part Marsden’s character will play going ahead.


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