Apple put a new LTPO screen technology into the iPhone for the first time with the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. In a new report released today, analysts at Display Supply Chain Consultants say that this feature will only be available on the “Pro” model iPhones for the next few years. After that, it might be added to other models.

The report also has a detailed “roadmap” of the future of iPhone display technology through the year 2027…

Another report says Apple will offer under-screen Face ID on the iPhone 16  Pro – Apple World Today

For those who aren’t familiar with the technology, LTPO is basically a custom OLED display with a variable refresh rate instead of a fixed rate. Apple calls this display technology “ProMotion.” At the moment, ProMotion is only available on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus have fixed refresh rates of 60Hz.

LTPO is also a big part of how well power is used, which is why the iPhone 14 Pro can run at 120Hz without a big drop in battery life. This is also important for the Always-On Display in the iPhone 14 Pro line since the refresh rate of the display can go as low as 1Hz.

Analysts at Display Supply Chain Consultants, on the other hand, say that Apple will add LTPO to all of its iPhone models. “DSCC expects that all of Apple’s iPhone 17 models will use LTPO panels by 2025, as LTPO capacity continues to grow and costs continue to fall,” analysts write in a new report that came out on Monday.

Under-display Face ID to reportedly debut on iPhone 17 in 2025

This means that until 2025, the LTPO technology and features like ProMotion and Always-On will probably only be available on the more expensive iPhone models.

Ross Young of DSCC has also shared a look at the future iPhone display roadmap for Face ID and camera technology that will be built into the screen. Young gives the following plan for iPhones that aren’t Pro:

  • 2021: Notch, LTPS
  • 2022: Notch, LTPS
  • 2023: Pill, LTPS
  • 2024: Pill, LTPS
  • 2025: Pill, LTPO
  • 2026: Pill, LTPO
  • 2027: Under panel Face ID + hole, LTPO

And for the “Pro” model iPhones, all of which will feature LTPO display technology:

  • 2021: Notch
  • 2022: Pill
  • 2023: Pill
  • 2024: Pill
  • 2025: Under panel Face ID + Hole
  • 2026: Under panel Face ID + Hole
  • 2027: Under panel Face ID + Under Panel Camera

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