Every year on March 10, we celebrate MAR10 Day, also known as Mario Day! The April 5, 2023 release of the highly anticipated Super Mario Bros. Movie will make 2023 a special year for Mario fans. We’re excited, and we hope you are as well! One of the best aspects of Mario Day is undoubtedly the assortment of deals and discounts Nintendo offers to honour the renowned plumber. This year is no different, as numerous retailers are currently offering a plethora of excellent Nintendo Switch deals, along with discounts on merchandise, LEGO, and much more.

If you’re ready to begin the festivities, we’ve compiled the best Mario Day deals currently available online. But this isn’t limited to Mario alone, as the entire Mushroom Kingdom appears to be on sale this week; check out the deals below, along with information on the brand new Mario ‘Choose One’ Switch Bundle for just $299.99.

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