The Nintendo Switch version of the game SplatoonTM 3 will soon receive a plethora of new features and content updates. All players of Splatoon 3 with a valid Nintendo Switch Online membership* as of December 1 will have access to the new “Chill Season 2022” DLC, which includes weapons and stages, new gear, victory emotes, and game modes.

A video explanation is available. Look at the Chill Season 2022 trailer on YouTube. Now that you know it’s okay to go back in the water, you’ll regret it. The big run is about to begin! This new in-game event changes up the formula for the co-op survival fun found in Salmon Run.

The Next Season Of Splatoon 3 Gameplay Is On The Way!

When the Salmonids make their debut in Wahoo World later this year, that’s when the first Big Run will occur. Learn how this event will affect Splitsville and how you can get involved by staying Spla-tuned. Check out the all-new X Battles in SplatoonTM 3 if you’re an Eel-Ite Gamer!

To participate in X Battles, players must first be at the highest tier of Anarchy Battles and be willing to use X Power in order to take on the game’s most formidable opponents. On December 1, not only will X Battles be released, but also three new weapons (a new Roller, Charger, and Shooter) and ten returning weapons from past Splatoon games, some with changed sets!

The Next Season Of Splatoon 3 Gameplay Is On The Way!

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Two extra, highly entertaining stages are also in the works. The “refreshing” new Brinewater Springs is introduced, and many seasoned seafarers may recognize Flounder Heights from the original Splatoon. In addition, the season change signals a new catalog for the fashion-conscious Inklings and Octolings.

To help you express your individuality and stand out among your “piers,” “Chill Season 2022” introduces a slew of new cosmetic items, including clothing, personalized titles, victory emotes, stickers, and more. Furthermore, you may expect to see brand-new equipment and merchandise in the marketplace.


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