The Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Will Be Able to Bypass the Battery and Get Power Directly from The Charger.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Will Be Able to Bypass the Battery and Get Power Directly from The Charger.

Gamers utilising the Galaxy S23 series are in for a treat, as a new feature on Samsung’s most recent flagships allows a charger to deliver power straight to the phone, as opposed to charging the battery.

“Pause USB Power Delivery” is a new feature on the Samsung Galaxy S23 series that was discovered by the Malaysian YouTube channel NL Tech. This option may be found in the “Game Booster” menu on Samsung devices and is explained as follows:

This function allows a connected charger to bypass the battery and power the Galaxy S23 directly from the charger. This eliminates the “middleman,” minimises heat, and increases the charger’s efficiency. As demonstrated in the video, toggling this setting lowered power consumption during gameplay from 17W to just 6W. It appears to be compatible with any USB PD charger.

Interestingly, this feature does not appear to be generally accessible. Even after a Game Booster application update, it does not appear on our Galaxy S23 Ultra. We’re reaching out to Samsung to learn more about why this may be the case.

This function may be especially useful for “hardware gamers” who wish to get peak performance in games. Since batteries tend to heat up when charging, particularly when linked to a quicker charger, omitting the battery would result in improved heat management.

This functionality would be less beneficial for the majority of people, as they would lose the benefit of a fully charged battery after playing games while their phone is plugged in.

This function was never formally revealed by Samsung, therefore it is unknown if the company intends to implement it on other phones. If this “battery bypass” does extend, however, it appears likely that it will be included in One UI 5.1 upgrades or future devices such as the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

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