We hope that the solution found by regulators has temporarily eased concerns about a widespread run on regional banks and helped depositors of Silicon Valley Bank. Now we can focus on the global innovation financing system’s longer-term crisis. The death of Silicon Valley Bank was a devastating blow to the much-touted American system for producing innovation, and the upheaval that led to that loss is far from over.

As two professional women in the fields of technology and finance, we feel compelled to advocate for a thorough investigation into the funding requirements of today’s innovators, both in the short term as they fight to weather the storm and in the long term as they create the innovations that fuel economic expansion.

When Silicon Valley Bank was established in 1983, the region had already become widely known as a byword for technological advancement and creative thinking. No longer is this the situation. In the past half-century, the technology industry has expanded into a worldwide infrastructure that fosters numerous forms of innovation. When it came to banking and the venture capital industry, SVB was the jewel of Silicon Valley, if not the world.

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The recent financial problems facing the technology industry put pressure on SVB, which had carved out a niche in the banking sector by lending to tech startups, and caused its stock price to tank.

Despite SVB’s failure, Yellen maintains confidence in the American banking system as a whole, saying it is “really safe and well-capitalized” and “resilient.”

On Friday, the FDIC assured depositors that they would have full access to their insured funds by Monday at the latest. The agency also promised to send uninsured depositors a “receivership certificate for the remaining amount of their uninsured funds” and a “advance dividend” within the next week.

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The United Kingdom’s financial watchdogs were also formulating a strategy to guarantee payments to SVB’s British customers.

Since the bank’s failure, many of SVB’s tech clients and other customers have been left in the lurch, and even those unrelated to the bank have had problems as a result, such as Etsy sellers who have been warned that they may experience delays in receiving payments from the marketplace, as SVB is used by the site to process some of its payments.

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