Most of the best Samsung phones of the year have trouble getting to consumers without creating a quagmire. In South Korea, for instance, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series was sued when users complained that the company slowed down their apps using the Game Optimisation Service. Although the problem has been resolved, a few problems remain in the previous generation’s flagship products. In the case of the most recent Samsung flagship devices, claims of a frustrating Wi-Fi connectivity issue are gaining traction in prominent online forums.

Many people flooding both Reddit and Samsung Community boards report that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has problems establishing a connection to Wi-Fi 6 networks. While utilising 802.11ax or WPA3 as the “recommended security method,” some users have reported receiving a “connected without internet” warning, as reported by Android Central.

This means the premium model can connect to Wi-Fi 6 routers, but it can’t actually access the internet because of this limitation. Strangely, only the Galaxy S23 Ultra seems to be affected by the issue, while other devices on the same network continue to operate normally.

A customer service representative from Samsung has acknowledged the issue brought up by a member on the r/Samsung subreddit. The company is currently working on a fix, but it looks like we won’t see it until next month at the earliest. Although the February 2023 software patch only recently went live, users who are currently experiencing issues may have to wait some time before the issue is resolved.

Users have reported that disabling Wi-Fi 6 and the WPA3 encryption protocol has helped them get past this problem. An initial factory reset could also be very helpful. If you’re connected to a Wi-Fi 5 network, though, you shouldn’t have any problems.

The current issue appeared not long after a revived Android Auto bug started bothering Galaxy S23 users again. Some of the newest Galaxy flagships, like some of previous year’s models, had problems wirelessly syncing with automobiles. Meanwhile, some reports mentioned that automated Bluetooth pairing failed when a vehicle was disabled or that a phone lacked the necessary rights to connect to a car.

You shouldn’t let a glitch in Wi-Fi 6 stop you from buying one of the most anticipated releases of the year, but Samsung really has to fix it now instead of waiting until the next update.

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