According to notes that Apple shared today, the iOS 16.4 update will soon be available to the public. It will include voice isolation for cell phone calls.

Apple says that Voice Isolation will put your voice first and block out other sounds around you. This will make phone calls clearer so you and the person you’re talking to can hear each other better.

iOS 16.4 adds new Voice Isolation feature to cellular calls on iPhone | The Apple Post

Voice Isolation has been available for VoIP calls made with FaceTime, WhatsApp, and other apps on devices running iOS 15 or macOS Monterey or later. It is meant to improve microphone quality on calls by reducing background noise. It wasn’t available for cell phone calls until now, and Apple didn’t have any way to improve call quality.

Voice Isolation can be turned on during a FaceTime call by opening the control center, tapping on the Mic Mode option, and then choosing the Voice Isolation option. The feature may be turned on during voice calls in a similar way.

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