Another day, another hot TikTok acronym to decipher. Anyone who uses the short-form video app is undoubtedly aware that artists frequently utilise acronyms, such as FNF and GRWM. Since character limits are a thing, it’s a terrific way to communicate rapidly. And the most recent acronym used by developers is none other than NPC.

Most people perceive NPC to be a computer-related term upon first mention. According to accounts, though, it has a very specific meaning. Since learning TikTok jargon is essential to comprehending the app’s content, it’s best to investigate the definition of NPC. Keep reading to learn your solution.

NPC On Tiktok

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Tik Tok is without a doubt one of the most popular apps. Since the launching of Tik Tok, a large number of individuals enjoy using the app. People enjoy using Tik Tok since it provides popularity and introduces us to exciting and popular music that match our vibe. People in the current world use so many acronyms in recent generations. Tik Tok is not a prerequisite. As one of the most popular and visited social media platforms, Tik Tok users employ numerous acronyms on the network, ranging from GRWM to DIML. NPC is the most recent addition to the list. Recently, numerous Tik Tok users have employed the phrase NPC, leaving many to question, “What Does NPC Mean on Tik Tok?”

What Does NPC Mean On Tiktok?

Tik Tok is not unfamiliar with the use of acronyms. It has introduced numerous acronyms that eventually become popular. The most recent addition to the list is NPC. NPC typically refers to a non-playable character. Tik Tok’s NPC word is derived from game terminology. In Tik Tok, the word NPC is used to refer to people who act in a predetermined fashion as if they are being directed by someone. In other words, users of Tik Tok make fun of those who behave in the manner described above by referring to them as NPC. TheNPC hashtag has already surpassed 1,200,000,000 views and is still climbing.

What Does Generally NPC Mean?

Any character in a video game that is not controlled by the player is referred to as an NPC. In classic tabletop role-playing games, characters controlled by the gamemaster or referee rather than a player are referred to as “gamemaster- or referee-controlled characters.” This often refers to a computer-controlled character in a video game, as opposed to a player-controlled character, with a predetermined set of behaviours that may effect gameplay but are not necessarily the result of genuine artificial intelligence.


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