Seventeen-year-old Makayla Noble, who was paralysed in a freak accident in September 2021, has made a full recovery and returned to cheerleading. The mother of the Prosper, Texas, resident announced on Saturday that her daughter had a “very big announcement” to make on the Facebook page Makayla’s Fight.

She continued by saying that Noble, who is still unable to walk after being paralysed from the chest down in an accident, had made the Prosper High School cheerleading squad. She spent three weeks in the intensive care unit, where she experienced complete paralysis and the collapse of her lungs among other things. She has been going to physical therapy ever since the accident, and she has made incredible strides.

Moving from the intensive care unit to a rehabilitation facility was “kind of a surreal moment,” as Noble put it. “I think getting out of the ICU and moving to a rehab facility and kind of realising, like, I’m here, and I’m with people that are in similar situations as me,” she continued.

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The Texas A&M Morning Show Nobel and Paige McCoy Smith’s mother recently sat down with Paige to discuss her recovery and the events leading up to the accident.

Makayla Nobel’s path from paralysed Prosper High School cheerleader to full recovery.

“Makayla participates in the varsity cheerleading squad for Prosper High School. She has been keeping the secret that she is trying out for her senior year all week “mother Jenn Noble claimed on social media.

“Makayla had a roller coaster of emotions during tryout week, but she is so happy to be cheering again after thinking she would never be able to do so again after her accident.” It was Jenn Noble who made the remark. Thank you so much for continuing to pray and support Makayla; we truly believe that without you, none of this would have been possible.

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The former world champion cheerleader, now 17, kept a YouTube video blog chronicling her return to the school cheerleading squad.

As you saw, Noble’s video was an emotional roller coaster, and he wanted to thank viewers for their time. “But I believe the most important factor is that I worked through them and didn’t quit, showing up for work every day and continuing to fight. That’s the whole point, actually.”

Noble, who uses a wheelchair, discussed the challenges she faced while learning the routine for the cheer tryouts and making accommodations for her disabilities in the video.

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