The release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Season 1, the debut of the new DMZ mode, and the arrival of Warzone 2 are all drawing near. The new Al Mazrah map, new Battle Pass, and reworked game elements like 2v2 Gulag battles, all-new Buy Stations, and a collapsing circle that can break into two or three smaller circles are all part of the free-to-play version of Call of Duty: Battle Royale.

Warzone 2 is now available for pre-loading on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC (through and Steam), and other platforms. I’ve tried out preloading, and there are certain issues that I’m working with Activision to resolve. Simply look for “Warzone 2” in the catalog of your preferred platform. If everything goes according to plan, all you’ll need to do to start the installation is press the pre-load button when it appears.

However, The Snags I’ve Run Into Include:

1. If I press pre-load in Steam, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 immediately begins downloading. This can indicate that the game has been pre-loaded. That’s a question I can’t answer.

2. When I look for Warzone 2 on my PS5, it doesn’t come up. There is Modern Warfare 2 and some expansions for the first Warzone, but there is no Warzone 2.

When And How To Preload 'Warzone 2,' Plus File Size On Xbox, PlayStation, And PC!

However, clicking on this link will take you to the Warzone 2 website, where you may select your platform of choice and add the game to your library (hopefully!). I can go straight to the PlayStation version of the game and have the option to add it to my library by clicking this link.

Following the instructions there, I found that Warzone 2 is misidentified as Modern Warfare II on my PlayStation. You won’t find a dedicated game, symbol, or website here. Although I was able to preload, I have no idea whether or not it was for the entirety of Modern Warfare II on PlayStation (which I do not possess) or simply Warzone. Unfortunately, the file is 38.6 GB in size. A moment while I elaborate.

How Much Storage Space Does Warzone 2 Need, Talking About File Sizes?

I’ve reached out to Activision to verify the amount of the download, but I’ve heard contradicting information. I pre-loaded Warzone 2 on my Xbox Series X, and when I went to manage games, I saw this screen instead of the 115 GB reported by numerous publications.

When And How To Preload 'Warzone 2,' Plus File Size On Xbox, PlayStation, And PC!

Here I demonstrate that Warzone 2 only needs 6.2 GB of storage space. The size of the single-player, multiplayer, and Warzone 2 components of Modern Warfare 2 add out to less than 50 GB. Meanwhile, showed me the size of the initial download.

I already have Steam’s Modern Warfare 2 installed, and the Warzone 2 page states that 125 GB of hard drive space is required to play the game., on the other hand, only necessitates 17.4 GB for pre-loading. Since Warzone 2 is only 6.2 GB on Xbox and 17.4 GB on,

I find it hard to believe that it would be 38.6 GB on PlayStation, unless there is some sort of “base” game that includes both Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2, and is also being installed on my PlayStation 5 (where I really don’t have all that much space! I swear, I’m only doing it for research!

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When And How To Preload 'Warzone 2,' Plus File Size On Xbox, PlayStation, And PC!

There may be a much larger update on the horizon that will necessitate much more storage space than the initial preload. I have reached out for more information and will revise this piece accordingly. To sum up, we don’t know a lot right now, but it looks like the preload isn’t too large across platforms, clocking in at 6.2 GB on Xbox, 17.4 GB on PC, and 38.6 GB on PS4,

with the latter number likely being lower for those who already have Modern Warfare II loaded. Oh, and my current Modern Warfare II installation on Steam is 55.45 GB, with Warzone 2 probably already installed. At release, I think it was around 30 GB. It’s probable that the Warzone 2 update on Steam was roughly 25 GB.

When And How To Preload 'Warzone 2,' Plus File Size On Xbox, PlayStation, And PC!

But I can’t be sure because subsequent patches may have reduced or increased the size of the first download. Numerous enigmas exist. On Wednesday, I’ll see you on the Battlefield. Assuming everything works as intended and doesn’t keep crashing on us, of course!

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