Which Team Will Sign Kevin Durant? There Are Five Possible Deals For The Nets!

Which Team Will Sign Kevin Durant? There Are Five Possible Deals For The Nets.

The Nets gave Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving three years to run things in Brooklyn by starting their pal DeAndre Jordan over Jarrett Allen, who was at the time a considerably better player.

Getting rid of Kenny Atkinson because Irving, in particular, wasn’t a fan, giving up a container ship’s worth of future picks to Houston for James Harden so they could have a big three, abandoning the “no vaccine, no play” rule, and bringing Irving in as a part-time player, partly at Durant’s request.

Then, last summer, owner Joseph Tsai and general manager Sean Marks felt that was excessive and drew a fairly arbitrary line in the sand. three years later. Irving opted in since they did not give him the maximum extension he requested and there were no trade options.

Durant then made a move.

Durant has long had the self-assurance to take charge of his career and direct it in the direction he thought was best, disregarding what others said and believed (but occasionally getting feisty on Twitter about it).

KD received criticism for joining the 73-win Warriors, received criticism for leaving the Warriors, and will receive criticism for joining the Nets. Furthermore, he is unconcerned. In his opinion, this is what is best for him.

What comes after Durant? He provided the Nets with a list of a few teams to whom he would prefer to be traded, but because he still has four years left on his deal, the Nets are in a position to negotiate the best price and send him there regardless. All 29 of the other teams should get together to discuss obtaining Durant.

So let’s say 28. The Nets have no chance of sending KD to the Knicks. However, there will be proposals from all over. Will the Laker make Anthony Davis available? In the Clippers George Paul A Timberwolves, It’s Karl-Anthony Towns. What about Donovan Mitchell from Utah (Rudy Gobert won’t do it)?

Where could Durant end up? Here are five possible trades that the Nets may make.

Which Team Will Sign Kevin Durant? There Are Five Possible Deals For The Nets.

Suns, Phoenix

For two reasons, the Suns ought to be regarded as leaders: Kevin Durant wants to get there, so it’s debatable whether or not he’ll be disruptive; second, the Suns can send top players back to assist the Nets to stay competitive; the Nets can’t just tank because they sent so many selections to Houston for Harden that it would be pointless to do so.

The Suns’ basic terms are very straightforward: Deandre Ayton is packaged with Mikal Bridges and one to three additional first-round picks in the future (all of their picks belong to the Suns). The Nets benefit from a foundation of strength that keeps them competitive (Ayton and Ben Simmons together means there will never be enough shooting on the court, but deal with that another time).

The Nets’ ability to sign and trade for Ayton severely restricts them to just beyond the luxury tax threshold, and Ayton has base year compensation rules for leaving, so it’s not such a simple deal (his sales salary is only half what it would be on the books).

This makes things more difficult, but it can be resolved if the Nets accept another wage cut and include additional players in the agreement (Royce O’Neal, you didn’t really think you’d stay at the Network, did you?). It could work.

The most sensible deal for Durant is with the Suns. KD has competition from Chris Paul and Devin Booker, the Nets still have a solid foundation on which to build, and trades are going rather easily. However, as nothing in the Nets happens logically and Robert Sarver is capable of pulling it off, we’ll keep looking at our other choices.

Miami Heat

However, this transaction forces the Heat to face a difficult decision: Will they trade Jimmy Butler for Durant? The other team is on Durant’s two-team exchange list. The CBA prohibits the Nets from having two “designated rookies” (players with a five-year maximum rookie contract extension) obtained through dealing, hence they are unable to trade Bam Adebayo.

To get Adebayo, the Nets must move Ben Simmons, who they currently have. However, dealing with Simmons at this time would be difficult.

This brings us back to Butler, who is the embodiment of Heat culture but also older and prone to physical breakdowns owing to his playing style.

(For the record, Durant is 34 and has an Achilles rupture; it is debatable how much he can play in a season.) The Heat have a chance to beat Butler, but Durant is ultimately a better player. It’s not that difficult to construct with pickaxes and other players when Butler is in trade.

Toronto Raptors

Which Team Will Sign Kevin Durant? There Are Five Possible Deals For The Nets.

You don’t really believe the Raptors will give away a piece of their future to sign a star who only shows up to run around the ring when he feels like it? You should meet Kawhi Leonard, please.

There are various ways the Raptors can maintain the Nets’ competitiveness, and they have perhaps the greatest trade packages to do so: Are Rookie of the Year being sent? Sorry, Pascal, Scotty Barnes, or All-NBA With And Anunobi and a number of first-round picks?

Anunobi can take the place of Gary Trent Jr. if the Nets would desire. The Nets will get versatile, long, two-way players in this trade to team with Ben Simmons and remain competitive, among other guys.

Durant would play for the Raptors. Nick Nurse, the most imaginative coach in the NBA, has a team of solid role players with Fred VanVliet, Siakam, or Barnes (depending on who they trade for). They would compete for the honor. Until Durant retires in a year or two, at least.

Pelicans of New Orleans

Will the Nets be open to trade offers for Brandon Ingram, Devonte Graham, and other players (likely Herbert Jones, whose defense is deteriorating), or do they prefer to upgrade Zion Williamson?

Will the Pelicans be interested in trading Sion? Although Zion has not yet contributed much to New Orleans, Joel Embiid introduced his potential for a second deal there; when he plays, he is otherworldly.

Threats from the West include CJ McCollum, Durant, Zion, Ingram, and key players like Larry Nancy Jr., and Jonas Valanciunas, among others. It’s interesting, but it would be a large wager to assume that the New Orleans coaching staff will keep everyone healthy (especially if Zion and Durant are playing together).

This trade only makes sense for the Nets if they are ready to stake their future on Zion, but if they are, the core of Ben Simmons and Zion is intriguing (no floor spacing, but still interesting).

Memphis Grizzlies

Kevin Durant and I are we, Morant? Please, yes. With a deal like this, there is little chance that the Grizzlies will offer Morant a contract. A number of selection exchanges, The Jackson Jr., Dillon Brooks, three upcoming releases, and three players. This deal might be approaching if the Grizzlies offer the Nets management a lifetime of free meals at Rendezvous Ribs. Maybe.

Although it is not nearly as crucial to the Nets, the Grizzlies should attempt it given the possibilities of Morant and Durant working together.


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