Valerie Bertinelli wasn’t on the one-hour holiday special of the Kids Baking Championship last week, and it seems like a lot of fans noticed. In the Nov. 21 episode, Abby Martin, a Season 4 contestant, stepped in as Duff Goldman’s co-host.

One viewer wondered, “Why isn’t Valerie on the Kids Baking Competition?” “It irritates me when they have children co-hosting with Duff Goldman, who is attempting to act all grown-up. Valerie Bertinelli must be returned.”

Valerie was also absent from the show’s October special. Another Twitter user at the time wondered, “Where the hell is Duff’s partner?” “Duff is fantastic, but without Valerie Bertinelli, it’s not nearly as good!”

We don’t know why Valerie missed the last two editions of the Food Network competition, but her personal life may have been in turmoil…

Due to “irreconcilable issues,” Valerie and her husband are divorcing.

Why Isn't Valerie Bertinelli On Season 10

Valerie Vitale filed for a formal separation from her spouse Tom Vitale in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Wednesday, Nov. 24, according to Entertainment Tonight.

She claims “irreconcilable differences” as the cause for the breakup in the filings, with the date of separation listed as “TBD.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, after seven years of dating, the One Day at a Time actress married Tom, a financial planner, at her home in Malibu, Calif., on New Year’s Day in 2010.

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When will Season 10 of the ‘Kids Baking Championship be available?

The new season of “Kids Baking Championship” hasn’t been given a release date by Food Network. However, in March, the show advertised a casting call for Season 10 candidates on Facebook.

The casting page for the show indicates that production will take place in June and July this year. We can expect Season 10 to broadcast before the end of the year if the show sticks to its original schedule.

Season 9 champion Keaton Ashton claimed in an interview with East Idaho News that he went through a boot programme before filming for around five weeks in August and September 2020.

According to IMDb, Season 9 began on December 28, 2020. Season 10 could premiere at the end of October, based on the probable production schedule for this year, although this is only a guess.

Why Isn't Valerie Bertinelli On Season 10

Season 10 of “Kids Baking Championship” will premiere in late 2021, and the network will, of course, decide where and when it will air. Keeping our eyes open for an official announcement in the near future, though, isn’t excessively hopeful.

Food Network UK stated on Twitter that a new season of “Kids Baking Championship” will premiere on that side of the Atlantic on July 23, although the video displays sequences from episodes that have already aired in the United States.

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Season 10 of the ‘Kids Baking Championship’ will be judged by who?

Let’s start with the simple query. According to IMDb, “Kids Baking Championship” has been hosted by Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman since its inception. There’s no reason to believe neither of them won’t return for Season 10.

Food Network and the two longstanding hosts haven’t made any official announcements, but the network did upload a humorous two-minute video of Bertinelli and Goldman on the “Kids Baking Championship” webpage, labelling it “Season 10, Episode 1.”

The ad has nothing to do with the first episode of the new season, but it definitely suggests Bertinelli and Goldman will return as judges and hosts, respectively.

The couple plays multiple rounds of the “Sometimes, Always, Never” question and answer game in the video. When asked if they ever eat raw cookie dough while baking cookies, they both enthusiastically say, “Of course!”

“The cookies don’t always make it into the oven,” adds Goldman. (Be careful when eating the uncooked dough, according to Bertinelli.)

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In ‘Kids Baking Championship’ Season 10, what hurdles will young bakers face?

Why Isn't Valerie Bertinelli On Season 10

If you think Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman would pitch the young bakers a lot of softballs during the challenges in the forthcoming season of “Kids Baking Championship,” think again.

The contenders are never given a pass by the judges. In Season 6, for example, the students were required to prepare macarons, a notoriously difficult treat, according to the online Food Network listings (via Agnes de Sucre). Season 10 will maintain a level of difficulty equal to the contestants’ consistently remarkable skill level.

Every season also includes at least one “imposter” challenge, in which bakers must disguise desserts as savoury dishes. According to the show recap on Food Network, the imposter challenge in Season 7 included dessert-y shish kebab, sushi, and other international foods.

Animal-themed challenges are also present on a regular basis for the kids. Unicorn and hedgehog designs have recently been popular. It’s anyone’s guess what Season 10’s animal will be.

In Season 10, the contestants may also expect a flavour challenge, similar to the Chinese five-spice episode in Season 9 or the bizarre taste episode in Season 6, where youngsters included things like curry, jalapeo, and blue cheese into their bakes.

However, if spectators understood the challenges ahead of time, “Kids Baking Championship” would be less enjoyable to watch. It’s preferable to approach the presentation with a childish sense of amazement.

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