The target audience is people who care about how their device looks and how it performs. He elaborates that the user experience is “extra charming and fun” thanks to the original design and the tailored UI system.

There is an 8+ 128GB version of this special edition out now. The phone can be purchased from major retailers and online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart.

In Q3 2022, realme maintained its fourth place and 14% market share, as reported by Counterpoint. Q1 compared to Q2 saw a 2% increase in brand awareness. Realme had three of the best-selling models between 10,000 and 15,000 Indian Rupees. In Q3 2022, the C series constituted 55% of realme’s portfolio and was the primary factor in the company’s shipments.

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Other non-smartphone companies have entered the smartphone market through partnerships and collaborations, so the idea of a Coca-Cola-themed smartphone is not novel.

Sheth explains who the company is aiming to reach with its newest product or service by saying, “As a youth-oriented brand, establishing a powerful significance with our TG is of utmost importance.” The realme 10 Pro 5G Coca-Cola edition is aimed at “young, tech-savvy consumers who value a unique, stylish design and who take an interest including both technology and popular culture.”

The smartphone’s logo is presented in an asymmetrical 70/30 red and black pattern, a nod to Coca-classic Cola’s design elements. There won’t be any scratches in the faux metal finish.

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The start screen and interactive charging effect are part of the custom user interface system, which features a Coca-Cola property boom and red theme in keeping with the brand. The Coca-Cola theme is carried through to the ringtones and the icons of the installed apps.

The ‘Cheers For Real’ 360-degree marketing campaign will support the release of the Coca-Cola-edition realme phone. The overall campaign can be broken down into distinct phases, each of which puts the spotlight on a different aspect of the brand’s visual identity or audio aesthetic.

The ‘Cheers For Real’ photography contest is being run by the brand as part of the broader campaign, with entries highlighting various aspects of the phone’s design. To enter the contest, realme users will be asked to mimic the iconic Coca-Cola cheers pose using only their smartphones.

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The brand has teamed up with influential fashion bloggers like Kritika Khurana, Sakshi Sidhwani, etc. to create transition Reels that show off how the new phone’s design goes with their everyday outfits.

Realme plans to evolve from an electronics company into a lifestyle company over the next few years. Sheth explains the brand’s goals and the measures realme is taking to realise them. Such as adding smartwatches, headphones, and even washing machines to the list of available products. Putting an emphasis on visual appeal by working with established brands to develop new products together is just one example.

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