Every season of Apex Legends, developer Respawn Entertainment makes alterations and improvements to the now-iconic battlefields that can be found across the Outlands. These battlefields range from Kings Canyon to Olympus. This time around, in the sixteenth season of the battle royale, a fan-favorite old POI is reportedly going to be one of the changes, and Legends are going to have to get their groove on if it turns out to be true.

The Mirage Voyage is rumored to be making its triumphant return in Apex Season 16, according to rumors that were posted on Twitter by Thordan Smash. It is speculated that the Mirage Voyage will once again land on World’s Edge.

The renowned Apex Point of Interest (POI) used to be a hub for violence, arms dealing, and fun times. In earlier versions of the Mirage Voyage game, players would swarm around a parked ship and engage in a fight to see who could acquire the most valuable loot. Mirage, a legendary holograph-crafter, would be there celebrating your arrival with a bunch of his other selves while they stood atop the wreckage they had caused.

The players were constantly prompted to get down and boogie, but the vast majority of the time it devolved into a bloodbath. The very first Voyage was added to the game during the Holo-Day Bash event of Season 3, and it has been taken out of the game and added back in several times since then.

After making its debut at World’s Edge, Mirage Volage traveled across the country to Kings Canyon for its seventh season. It was taken out of circulation not long after that, but it ultimately became an Apex Arenas map and was introduced into the rotation at the beginning of Season 9 of the game. The name of the Arena map was “Party Crasher,” and it featured a broken down Voyager in the middle of the playing area.

The release date for Season 16 of Apex is set for February 14th. This event is perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day, and it appears that the Mirage Voyage will be returning alongside it. What’s not to love?

Galaxy Racer is a name that should be familiar to anyone who is interested in competing in the realm of electronic sports (esports). Galaxy Racer is a transmedia company that was established in 2019 by Paul Roy. The company’s primary interests include esports, content creators, music, and sports.

Galaxy Racer has a presence all over the world and a following of more than 600 million viewers, including divisions in North Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe. With the launch of its new division in North America, Galaxy Racer is well positioned to become the go-to destination for all of your esports requirements.

Up to this point, Galaxy Racer NA has quickly expanded with a diverse set of creators spanning gaming and content creation (LiaSamurai, Shortypie, CptWillis), competitive gaming (Reddysh), and even a professional soccer player (Matt Polster) and, most recently, a professional NASCAR driver.

In order to kick off the HER Galaxy initiative, content creator and streamer Rose Ruland was the first official signing to the team’s roster. Ruland said, “I would love to see that change and women get the recognition they deserve.” She added, “I have run into so many different instances of just not being treated right because of my gender.” “I am confident that HER Galaxy will lead me to success.”

Over the course of 2023, HER Galaxy will host massive tournaments, give creators new opportunities, and provide members with valuable education and networking in an effort to expand the opportunities available to underrepresented genders in gaming and esports. HER Galaxy will be a consistent advocate for marginalized groups.

“We’re at such a pivotal point right now,” VP of partnerships Megan Holgate said to Dot Esports, “not just in our development as an org but in the evolution of the gaming industry.” In order to create a more inclusive gaming community, “now is the time to start shifting more support to women and underrepresented genders,” and “we’re looking for brands that want to join us in that endeavor, who want to show this massive audience that they are here to support them.”

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