A new flagship iPhone could be released the following year. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reports that Apple is considering releasing a more expensive iPhone “Ultra” that would sit above the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max. According to him, the item might arrive as early as next year.

If you’ve been a longtime reader of Gurman’s work, you may recall that he recently suggested Apple was considering renaming the incoming iPhone 15 Pro Max to the iPhone 15 Ultra. Now, he claims there is proof that Apple intends to give wealthy buyers a more powerful and pricier iPhone. Gurman specifically references a recent statement made by Apple CEO Tim Cook. Cook told analysts that the iPhone has grown so fundamental to people’s life when questioned if the iPhone’s average price increase was sustainable. “I believe people are willing to go to great lengths to afford the finest in that category.”

Harder to predict is how Apple will differentiate the next model. Gurman predicts that the iPhone Ultra could contain a faster processor, superior camera hardware compared to the Pro and Pro Max, and an even larger display. “There may also be other futuristic features, such as the removal of the charging connector,” he says.

Notably, sources on the iPhone 15 line indicate Apple is already seeking for further methods to distinguish the Pro models from their mainstream siblings. A recent report, for instance, suggested that the future Pro models could include WiFi 6E connection, but the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus launch with WiFi 6 antennas. Other distinguishing characteristics for the Pro variants could include revamped titanium frames with haptic volume and power buttons. Reportedly, Apple will also equip the Pro Max with a periscope camera lens.

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