It’s safe to say that WhatsApp is now an essential app for anyone who owns a smartphone. The vast majority of smartphone owners routinely text, call, and otherwise interact with one another and their professional and personal networks. However, there are times when you may feel ashamed because of a misspelt word or an accidental autocorrect. The ability to revise sent messages is one of the features WhatsApp is working on right now.

WABetaInfo has reported that WhatsApp will soon implement a new feature that allows users to make changes to their profile pictures. Users will be able to go back and change their sent messages for up to 15 minutes.

After its release, this function may prove to be one of the most popular aspects of the system. This beta version of WhatsApp for iOS includes the Edit message, which is currently in development. Users participating in the TestFlight programme were the intended audience for this variant.

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The report claims that WhatsApp’s Edit message feature is currently in testing on the Android platform and will be made available in the near future. It appears that the ability to edit a message is very similar to the iMessage function found on the iPhone.

Edited messages will be marked as such to indicate their modification. Users with earlier versions of WhatsApp will not be able to see the revised message. When a user tries to use this feature on their version of WhatsApp, they will receive a notification that their installation does not support it.

The latest version of WhatsApp (on iOS) includes a new feature called Picture-in-Picture. After receiving a video call, if the user minimises the app, it will be shown in the secondary window.

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Conversely, a new search bar in WhatsApp’s settings lets users narrow results in the beta version for iOS Only our beta testers can try out the new feature right now. It is anticipated that this function will be made available soon. The ability to “send photos with high quality” to users is another major addition that is currently being tested. This function is also available in the beta version of iOS.

You and the people you want to delete messages for must be using the same version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp for iOS users may retain the media you send them even after you delete the message from the chat.

If the deletion fails, the message will still be visible to the recipients. If an attempt to delete something fails, you will not be informed. Within about 2 days of sending the message, you must ask that everyone be removed.

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